Hey! Gorgeous… Finals!

Finally, we are doing the filming for the final episode of Hey! Gorgeous. We arrived at our filming location Dragonfly around 10 plus this morning, and started our rehearsal… The winner will be walking away with S$2000 cash, hamper and the cool looking trophy! While the crews are having lunch…. this is what the contestants … Read more


This 2 days been rather busy… The Campus Yummy Hunt will be printing poster. Both Felicia and me were like all dressed up, like a food hunter to shoot the poster, kinda funny… Next is the Star Awards promotional trip. The four of us, together with Cui Fang went to White Sand Shopping Mall, Park … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous… Final Countdown!

Last day of filming for Hey! Gorgeous semi final. Last day under the sun… Look at how we try to protect ourselves… ha Fiona insisted must use an umbrella, those with UV protection. There’s really a different after I tried standing under it… They are the brave ones… fighting the sun… Check these out… ha! … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous – semi final

2 days of under the hot sun! Saturday we were at Sentosa and today, Pulau Ubin. Congrats! Everybody finally return home with a well tann body ( not really sure the girls would like it… ha! ) One thing for sure, they became better friends after this 2 days. Sentosa’s personal profile filming and Q&A, … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous, for you…

Well, some of you guys and gals have been asking about the past few episodes of Hey! Gorgeous… and one of our dear friend, Zhi Hong is kind enough to load it up for ya 🙂 Check them out in the ‘page’ label as Hey! Gorgeous… For Pictures, Click here! Thanks again, Zhi Hong, for … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous @ RP

Here we go again… this round, Republic Polytechnic! The crowd was good… but can be a little bit more rowdy… Since this is the last campus for this season’s Hey! Gorgeous… we tried our best to hunt down the hunks and babes in the school… And here they are! Ms Hey! Gorgeous to-be…. Mr Hey! … Read more

Children's Day!

What I did on Children’s Day 2007. . . Started my day by filming a trailer for my new variety show with Felicia. If you’re interested in recommending your favorite canteen food in Campus Yummy!, will let you know the detail when it’s out… Funny MC King suddenly appeared when we were busy filming the … Read more

How's everything?

Been very busy for the past few days. Finally, got to relax a bit… Just done with the President Star Charity 2007. Very interesting indeed. A big ‘thank you’ to the production team, Glenda and Gurmit, for the wonderful experience. [youtube 0eotnq72310] In case you are wondering how come I didn’t post the picture of … Read more