Hey Gorgeous @ NTU

Ben Fiona Diya and me played a guessing game when we reached NTU today, and we decided to get you involve… ha! Guess what’s the weight of fiona’s… hahahahaha…. Here’s our guess… We’ll go after Fiona for the answer after you guys hv make ur guess… ok Fiona?..AHAHA! Back to serious stuff… The students from … Read more

Story behind it…

When was the last time you actually take a pause, and appreciate things? Why suddenly thought of this? Suppose to meet a friend for lunch. While waiting for her arrival, I walked into a sport’s shop. A white badminton racquet caught my eye (???????racquet.. hmmm…). I decided to buy. And at the same time ask … Read more

The beauty of Sunset

SC left me a comment… Actually I’m like any of ur supporters who started listened to your radio programmes since u r doing DJ @ 933. From radio to tv, I somehow feel your path is quite smooth. Juz wandering if you have got any period of time where you really got some difficult time … Read more


When I was out today, I saw a very fierce Cat. The Cat stared at me, and I got very scared. I think he or she knows… I’m a Rat… I dun like Cats… Rats really dun like cats…

Hey! Gorgeous @ NUS

Well, I’d be frank with it. Apart from the boys and gals who turn out at the NUS Central Library for the final competition People we met while we were conducting the NUS Hey! Gorgeous search today was kinda not-so-interactive… I expected them to be more out spoken in fact… Lucky we got KYM! OMG, … Read more