This is quite interesting…. Maybe you should do your fair share in sharing your thoughts… 🙂 Not so much about winning the prize ( of cos it will be good if you are the lucky one… like that previous gal who won ipad because of the link here… ), but to help remind yourself to … Read more

Go for it! q(-.-)p

I didn’t know I can make it… He believes in me. End of the day, I really pull it off… *phew 一线之间 大结局 [youtube -TBtv5wqncM&rel=1] After that, I keep hoping I’ll have the chance to work with him again… and then, there is this… 想你的时候… He’s teaching in an acting class in June… You never … Read more

Are you into Song~ writing? :)

Can you recogize their voice? [youtube -0a6Ets4Nec] This is the mandarin version of NEA Eco Music Challenge 1 winning song (Heaven on Earth) 绿色世界… Sang by a few of the Campus Superstar kids!… umm… not kids anymore… haha! Support them! Support Clean and Green effort! you can check out the details of getting an album … Read more