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Numerous polls have named Dasmond Koh the most popular DJ in Singapore year after year. He was with the No. 1 Chinese radio station in Singapore (YES93.3FM) and Dasmond joined MediaCorp Studios as a TV artiste in 2000. Past experience of interviewing and co-hosting on airwaves with popular foreign artistes like Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Jacky Cheung and Jeff Chang has definitely made Dasmond a joy to watch with his quick, witty and confident ways.

To date, Dasmond has fronted a variety of programmes from travelogues, game shows, talk shows to infotainment shows. This bilingual host made his acting debut on local sitcom Soho @ Work in 1999. His talent and excellent performances won him both the Most Popular Newcomer award and the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award in Star Awards 2000, an annual award ceremony for TV personalities.

His sporty and wholesome image appealed not just to students but the to the mass audience, propelling him to greater popularity and winning him the Most Popular Top 10 Male Artistes awards in year 2002, 2003 & 2004.

In 2002, Dasmond volunteered his time and efforts in a worthy cause as an Ambassador for World Vision (an organization working with underpriviledged children) and even sponsored 2 Mongolian children. Dasmond’s charming and competent hosting can be seen in major “live” programmes like Chingay Parade 2004 & 2005 and also provide commentary for National Day Parade 2004.

Since April 2005 Dasmond has been hosting a TV youth forum “Shoot!”. This programme invites teens and adults to chat and debate on current issues which touch the hearts of the teenagers and young adults. Due to its huge popularity, the season has been extended more that once.

His hosting of Campus Superstar and Superband Finals gained him more exposure and supporters.


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  1. Hi dasmond,
    Like the way u go about hosting!
    Do keep up the good work i am sure u can go even further in ur career!
    All the best in everything u do!
    May this yr be a successful yr 4 u!

  2. saw e article on e interview of u taken in ur home in dis week’s i-weekly.. e stencil art pcs r soooooo… hmm.. i dunno wat word to use.. but feels very “shu(1) fu(2)” to look at them.. looking at them reminds one of e innocence that had been left behind in our long-forgotten childhood.. =)

    oh ya, is there any link in ur website that i can go to to send u an email?

  3. Hi I was reading i-weekly mag..n knw ur blog web n browse ur blog..keke..pic of U yandao..etc n so long nve hear Ur voice @radio station..we gona miss It..anyway all e best..Zhen Rong

  4. hi,i have read your page on i-weekly..you are quite rich huh?haha..wish you good luck in your work..

  5. hai,i was reading i-weekly n know ur web…..
    hm…..wish u all the best in ur career!!!! I will be support u forever and ever……

  6. Hihi,dasmond! As what they mentioned, saw u on the i-weekly.I have been listening & watching u for many years ago since u were in YES 933. Missss ur voice so much..haha… Reply me when free…Gambate!!! Jia You ‘O’ =R@chel, JB=

  7. Hi, last night saw your previous food programme (repeat) with Jaime Teo, the food are so nice! Can u tell me where is this place? In the programme, U highlight that got ‘Mum’s Cooking Taste’! Got Ikan Bilis with petai, curry chicken, Asam fish, fried egg with ‘cai poh’, etc.TQ.

  8. surfing thru ol’ friends’ sites n blogs & somehow linked to ur site… wow time flies — ur doing great hosting on tv, just a lot probably still remember ur late night rendezvous on radio (haha) and that smurfy song — al’da best ;ciaoz

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