Hey! Gorgeous @ Causeway Point

Hey! Gorgeous meet and greet session at Causeway Point today.

hey meet 1
hey meet 2

The semi-finals will be starting tomorrow, 8pm, channel U!



Beach! Sea! Sun! Sand! Hunks! Babes! Dun you dare miss it!!!! hee

10 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ Causeway Point”

  1. wow. u blog it so fast. Haha. the babes and hunks are handsome and pretty. And also tanned too. Hope to see you in real person soon. lol. All people there remember to watch hey gorgeous today at channel u at 8pm. cheers. 😀

  2. haha ya lah ya lah.
    got watch.
    hey! gorgeous is the only show i watch u noe.. despite the lack of time to study ytd.. i still watched! heh..
    oh yes, rong shao.
    keep seeing your picture nowadays.. for the gill diver advertisement lor. haha.
    hao lah. u take care yeah? =)

  3. Wow! Ain’t you the lucky one with all those babes with you.

    Guess you are getting very ‘hot’ and ‘popular’ as we have seen you most of the time on air.

    We support you and keep up your good work!


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