Thank you…

Thank you… for being around all these time… Thank you… for giving me the chance to do what I like… To mark my 15th year into entertainment industry, I’ve launched this book… Using the pictures I’ve taken in Spain, to share some of the thoughts of mine. Selling price of the book S$28. You can … Read more

15 and going…

一眨眼,15年了。。。 做这本书的目的,也是为了想用一样东西来纪念纪念。。。 好摄之徒,筹备了半年多。里头所用的都是我两趟西班牙之旅的照片。 怀胎六个月,终于‘生’出来了。。。哈! 不管在过去15年里,我们在怎么样的地方时间环境曾经交错,这是一本我想和你分享的心情日记。 A pictorial diary that I wanna share with you… Allow me to take this chance to thank all my wonderful sponsors… Spanish Tourism Board, Tavolo Italian Cuisine, Canon, Feet Press. The book will be available through online purchase from 28th November at S$28 ( local postage ). Email to [email protected]Read more

Game Time!

If you’ve been following my blog, guess you should be pretty familiar with my 2 ‘very green’ friends “Greco” and “Beco”. Tall “Greco” representing green buildings and small “Beco” championing green homes. These 2 cute fellows are here to share with you some ideas of green buildings… Weibin and CK, who had attended the BCA … Read more

Stay Green!

This was one of the comment I received recently. Thanks to you!! I won the ipad… *happy*!! from Y.Wen Why not me! haha! In case you are wondering what’s happening, The previous round of the BCA Green Building Exhibition’s Facebook contest, iPad was the prize I’m eyeing for… lol… What’s the exhibition about? To give … Read more