25 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ SP”

  1. heyz dasmond =)
    do u have email?
    wanna send the pic u took wit us at SP tt dae…
    take care.

    ( right on top of my page… 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. HaHa nice pic you have there saw you at SP FoodCourt 4 finding gals that day but unable to stay to watch after that still getting to see you is good enuff le….Continue to stay SUAI and continue to strive for you career…

  3. Zhen Rong,

    do you have the video of Hey! Gorgeous which was shown on October 1? If have, please do possible post it here. So that I will come in here to watch when I am free. Sorry to bother you!

  4. Reminds me of the good old days in school days!

    Wow! Nowadays it is hard to see tall beautiful lady or is she standing on something higher?

    3 cheers for all the Gorgeous ladies!!!

  5. I was formerly from SP but that was like years ago, damnnit, there wasnt such girls around at that time. lol. I realised no one commented on the guys though. haha

  6. lols , its not fair to have hey gorgeous only at poly’s they sould vist sec schools and jc’s too
    primary schools not needed . lols . ite perhaps (:

  7. i think hunk no.2 can be a great entertain host if he speaks basic chinese, i heard he can actually but the hosts were speaking too fast in chinese and hes ‘potato’ LOL


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