New Toy :)

Today started off beautifully. Woke up early to receive my ‘new toy’ 🙂 OSIM uInfinity! I’m a person who cannot do without massage. Massage is like therapeutic to me… Put me into the relax mode and allows me to unwind after a long day of work. The thought of bringing home a ‘masseur’ had been … Read more

Diary 37/2013

Past few days, I must say, it’s an interesting one. There’s so much to do, so little time. Since I couldn’t really sleep now, why not let’s do a recap 🙂 Never really understand how fun Race Me to the Stars was, until last Sunday… Boy… the contestants were so creative! Despite it was along … Read more

Ha Ha 哈哈

He is the primary jocker in the cast… He has a nickname “Haroro” because he has a similar face with a cartoon character… He likes to act as a main lead of movie, which is comical I think… He is actually a playboy. Everytime he saw beautiful female guests, he will say “Be my final … Read more

House Keeping~

Been a while I did some house keeping for all my photos. Guess what, it was a tedious job that took me almost 4 solid hours. But well, it was nice to have the memories nicely kept 🙂 Here’s the past 4 weeks of Sheng Siong Show’s photos… with some thoughts attached… My Favorite host, … Read more


夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏 瞎忙着的当儿,突然被这片夕阳唤醒了。。 好久没好好地放缓脚步,看看天空,望望那片属于自己的一片天。。 虽然很短暂,可是却觉得很幸福。 每天一觉醒来,映入眼帘的不都是一幕幕赶着要以最快速度划过的画面? 你有多久没好好的欣赏眼前美丽的景色了? 要彼此提醒,珍惜我们眼前的一切人事物喔!


这几天逢碰到相识的人,劈头第一句话就是‘哇!百万老板!’ 乌呼哀哉!有那么容易就好了。。。:( 做过生意的人都知道,营业额归营业额,盈利归盈利。 纵使营业额再高,重点还是在于盈利有多少。 小弟我从事的,是薄利润的潜水事业,哪来那百万盈利啊?所以别再给我套上那高帽了! 年底越满是个被问及的问题,尴尬难答。。。 另一被提问的话题是生意方面需要花时间帮忙?’可以舒服的不用做‘,是因为生意方面有个好伙伴在打理。 一前以后被摆在一块儿,还真够敏感。。。 谁谁谁的去留问题,我记得相继看到好几个同事的有关访问。 我们从来没真正表态。是执笔者以他们的角度和心态去解读我们的心理。 艺人往往都是处于被动的那一方,一纸合约没签下笔,谁敢说肯定会被续约? 就因如此,每当被问及会否续约时,也只能说如果公司给予合约,就一定会考虑续个三两年。 十五年前入行,至今娱乐圈对我来说还是充满吸引力的。 起起落落是常态,唯有坚持才能推动自己。 这圈子对我来说,还有很多要尝试的东西,还有很多想自我突破的地方。 我对演艺圈的这股热忱,少说也值它个‘五百万’。 有机会的话,希望我能让你看到我的努力。 谢谢那些一直给我机会,希望帮助我提升的朋友和前辈。 要走的这条路。。。还很长。。。 但,幸好有你!


Everyone was happy today. For one simple reason. We’ve got 方大同 coming to our show. The previous time we met were like 3 years ago, in the same show… And I must say I was kinda impressed by him, when he utters ‘I think we’ve met few years back…’ during rehearsal. For someone like him … Read more

Are you into Song~ writing? :)

Can you recogize their voice? [youtube -0a6Ets4Nec] This is the mandarin version of NEA Eco Music Challenge 1 winning song (Heaven on Earth) 绿色世界… Sang by a few of the Campus Superstar kids!… umm… not kids anymore… haha! Support them! Support Clean and Green effort! you can check out the details of getting an album … Read more


这两天边忙着工作,边忙着整理心情。 为的是,想轻松地踏上即将展开的台湾之行。 虽然有些累,但把该处理的事情一件件完成,该完成的工作一庄庄搞定,心情是愉悦的。 想在明天之后,暂时放下这里的一切。 不管身边有多少人陪着,人最终,还是得回到自己,不是吗? 出走。 解放。 是一种歇息。 明天还有一天。 之后, 一切, 都会是回来后的事情。。。 看着这篇文字的你,也该趁机享受没有我的日子。 没有我的日子,是好?是坏?


Got good buy must share with you 🙂 Event : Laneige Road Show! Hylam Street (open street in Bugis Junction) Road Show is on-going since Mon and I’ll be there at Sat 19 March: 2 – 3 pm Sun 20 March: 3 – 4 pm [youtube m9EWnvSzlk8] [youtube BhDrz5RL5Xc] If you want, you can read … Read more