All you wanna know about my 小白!

Ever since the telecast of Driving Miss Foodie, a lot of people has been asking about my car. “what car you drive?” “color?” “what’s in your car?” “big?…” OK, ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, my 小白! Haha… this is all I can show you… no branding… ! A little bit of info… I started … Read more


Just like the other time when we filmed the Baker’s World, you guys send me so many private messages asking about the cake delivery stuff. So, to answer all the question and for those who missed it, after I beg/borrow/steal, here is the part ( hopefully no one will come after me.. *finger crossed* ) … Read more

The Danube!

Finally. I sorted out all the pictures I’ve taken during the 10 days Danube trip. And here I am, recording it, sharing it. 29th August evening. With my Canon EOS450D, Canon Ixus80, and my luggage… I set off for my journey. After a rather comfortable 14hr’s flight, I get to smell the air in Nuremberg, … Read more


Yeap, I’m back… And jet lag for 2 days… @@ For those waiting for the photos, heh… give me a few more days to sort it out 🙂 ++++++++ Cake on Delivery, featured by Driving Miss Foodie, created another topic… I’ll try to see what I can do for those who sent me PM these … Read more