Joshua Ang 洪赐健!

This interview was done 2 years ago… After answering the nation’s call for almost 2 years, my ‘bad boy’ bro will be back in action again! 🙂 Signing on to Mediacorp, Joshua’s contract will start in August. While waiting for him to appear on screen, check out his blogsite

Superband 2107

2107 is the date, not lucky number… ( in case you really 4D ~siao, once you see numbers cannot dun buy, then ‘heng heng’ ya… ) Group photo…. ( number of people getting lesser and lesser hor… ) Contesting groups for tonight. Those who make it to the next round…

Sheng Siong 3 Finale!

The 3rd season of Sheng Siong came to an end yesterday… Recap… The hosts! Judges! Pictures! The Guests, Liu Liyang and Yoga 林宥嘉 We’ll be back in November! Cya…

My 'Nose' job

This is funny… really… haha. One of my blog reader send me the url of a forum, and this is some of the comments made regarding my ‘nose’ :p _______________________________________________________________________________________________ wpw~ two threads about felicia….. But frankly speaking I find nothing wrong with PS….. After all who don’t wanna look good? Problem is that they … Read more

About "重量级"…

Hey people, take it easy… haha! It all started from here… After reading it, umm… it was quite neutral, isn’t it? …was I being condemned in the article? My ‘ang mo’ not very good… @@ Next, Huifen from WanBao called me early this morning and ask me about it… Then, her quite well written article … Read more


这几天都睡得不好 不管是早还是迟上床 不管是累还是不累 怪的是凌辰四点多 总会无故的醒来 到昨晚也还是这样 是潜意识在挂念着某些人事物吗? @@ 想…… 前阵子拍节目时 专家守说睡不好的话 可以在睡前吃几颗龙眼或荔枝 看来是时候试一试了…

For Everything There's a Season

Came across this poem on the paper. Thought it might be nice to let it set foot here too… For Everything There’s a Season By Joy E. Walker Steward We may not know the reason For all of life’s suffering and pain, But we know everything has its season, So the sunshine will follow the … Read more

The Banana Test

The Banana Test There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals. King Kong, an Ape, an Orangutan and a Monkey pass by. They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree. Who do you guess will win? Your answer will reflect your … Read more