I know… I’ve gone MIA for quite awhile. The reason is…. I hate computers sometimes, I get so helpless when there’s problem (cos I dunno how to fix it lah… *bek chek*) Well, things are slowly falling back into place… got my photoshop back, my connection is ok, and able to login most of the … Read more

On Air!

缤纷万千在昇菘 The Sheng Siong Show 每逢周六 晚上8时 Every Sat 8pm 乐活有方 Living Well 每逢周三 晚上10时30分 Every Wed 10.30pm [youtube FEGMfjEvpn8&hl] 名厨大冻作 Celeb’s A Cook 每逢星期三, 晚上8点30分 Every Wed, 8.30pm 餐饮英雄榜 F&B Heroes 5月15日起 , 每逢星期四, 晚上8时 From 15 May 08, Every Thursday, 8pm

Be Wise…

Have been getting a few ‘weird’ and ‘not-too-polite’ comments recently (and of course it’s being moderated :)). Think the aim of the person (or maybe the group) is to try to stir up something and to create some misunderstanding. I’ve got a piece of advise for whoever involved… Be wise. It’s time to stop. Dun … Read more


原来人真的会变 只是所需的时间是长还是短而已 曾经对某些事很执着 随后也会淡然处之 曾经对某些物很重视 随后也会搁置一旁 曾经对某些人很在乎 随后也会形同陌路 珍惜当下 因为 人 真的会变

2008-05-02 超级星光大道第三季

超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 1 [youtube dgnQWuZXTeE&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 2 [youtube YX-KHvdBcdM&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 3 [youtube XTZsODXFSs4&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 4 [youtube LJhGfgamDU0&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 5 [youtube XD0h_cYBnNw&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 6 [youtube MXawqJCxwNc&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 7 [youtube 0CTwE1HtDHY&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 8 [youtube HSjo841r-xc&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Dancing Part 9 [youtube 3SYQKkrnCrg&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 … Read more

2008-04-25 超级星光大道第三季

To Jiahang, it’s ok… you did well, am really proud of you… 🙂 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 1 [youtube _iArJ1lfl4M&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 2 [youtube XTx8Karlqfc&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 3 [youtube xJE6VVrVmNI&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 4 [youtube AUkUr5Cr7bo&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 5 [youtube LJD4WwpIT0I&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 6 [youtube VMb1O_0cnW8&hl] 超級星光大道第三季 Unplugged指定賽 Part 7 [youtube xoxJVjXudwQ&hl] … Read more

SuperBand 2 – photoshoot

Finally I’m done with the set of photos we took during the photo shoot for Superband 2. SuperBand 2 will be airing on U channel from mid June. The Top 16 list is out. 森林帖、三月、Screamm、大风吹、肥皂、樱、异世界、兔子、Dreamfactory、翼旋风、伍个人、Synpathy、二做剧、蒲公英、C! Star、杂叭琅 For related information, visit U channel SuperBand 2 Official Site.

Alive and Kicking!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes ( comments, sms, phone calls etc, I know you all very ‘wu sim’… ). Just thought of dropping ya a note to tell you guys a piece of good news… I’m back in action again!!! Ah Ha!!!

Day 2

Fever… yes… Uncomfort Discomfort… yes… ‘Zeng’… yes… Bored… VERY!!!   Hokkien Dictionary: zeng aka swollen