Cats and Rats?

The following scene will never happen to me. Cats and Rats will never live happily together, that’s for sure, as least in my context. Rats never like Cats So… they will never be friends. And what’s more, Rats dun eat fish cause Cats like the fish’s stink If Rats eat fish Cats will smell it… … Read more

Yes 933

Could’nt really recall when was the last time I appear as a co host on a 933 programme… I had mixed feeling when I was approaching the studio. I was greeted by Mary’s warm smile… Things were still very much the same… And the photograph we took more than 4 years back was still sticking … Read more


While I was waiting to go on Mary’s radio show on yes 933, I on my PC and started surfing internet… This particular picture caught my eyes… When was the last time u say I Love you? Did you simply say it because you know that someone wanna hear? Or it does come from the … Read more

Walking thru' memory lane…

spend quite a bit of time rearranging my photos today, got 2 sets done… Dun envy me, I work hard to earn the trip… hahaha If you are interested in seeing the full album, just click on the Gallery.

Where Huh??

This has always been the case. And you can get quite piss off when no one can decide on where to eat… so, I’ve decided, since you’ve always been so kapo, bo dai ji zor come my site look look see see… if there’s anything nice I’ll share with you!!! ( ya… big deal… ) … Read more

New Monsoon @ Novena Sq!

Yeap! The Monsoon Hair had relocated to Novena Square! A couple of us was there yesterday for the soft launch… And since I was there, Addy (the man behind Monsoon Group), decided to change my hair color. I’m back to the young healthy look, blueblack!!!

My Apple TV!

I must admit I’m a victim of I.T. gadget… I like playing with I.T. gadgets, and my new toy is APPLE TV! ( ya, its not a tv that looks like an apple, dun be stupid! ;p ) But sad to say, although I enjoy playing with them, but when it comes to setting stuff … Read more

New Look!

Check out our new look… Hip Hop! PunK! CoOL? Ha.. it’s fun sometimes, that’s the perks of being in this line, given the chances to try out different things…

Campus Superstar is BACK!!!

I know a lot of you will be shouting…. : 0 It’s enough… ; p Singing competition AGAIN?!!! : X Can they SiNg? ; Q That si ah beng (or ah lian) from my school better dun get in lo! But whatever it is, Campus Superstar is back!!! Kinda miss last batch de boys and … Read more