How's everything?

Been very busy for the past few days. Finally, got to relax a bit…

Just done with the President Star Charity 2007. Very interesting indeed.
A big ‘thank you’ to the production team, Glenda and Gurmit, for the wonderful experience.


[youtube 0eotnq72310]

In case you are wondering how come I didn’t post the picture of SP’s Hey! Gorgeous. Well, I forgotten to bring my handphone the other day. And I’m still waiting for my producer to email the pics to me…

hey Gorgeous

Result for the first 4 episode. NP, NYP, TP and NUS
[youtube H_j5ewY8WaA]

For tonight show at NAFA
[youtube 8LBbUJmMt5E]

Coming Up on Channel U
1 Oct Episode 6 NAFA
8 Oct Episode 7 SIM
15 Oct Episode 8 SMU
22 Oct Episode 9 SP
29 Oct Episode 10 RP

To view some of the Hey! Gorgeous pictures, Click here!

Alright, that’s it for now… but before I go, just wanna say that it’s a brand new week ahead, and we all gonna move on ok?
If you’re happy with my blog, do come back 🙂
If you’re not, please stay away, it’s perfectly fine. Cos I dun give a damn to whatever hit count you gonna contribute.
And dun bother to leave any nasty comment from now on, cause you’ll be wasting your effort typing it.

Good day pple…

49 thoughts on “How's everything?”

  1. Cool, I like you attitude:) Hey, great show last night on the President charity. But you look so slim, pls speed up on your weight gaining process:)

  2. hey hey dasmond…

    mus quote someone i know… ‘its hard to satisfy everyone…’ whatever u do, good or bad, there’re definitely ppl against it.

    hmm… whatever it is, jiayou~ =) and cya @ rp on friday =DD

  3. hey dasmond,

    take great care and looking forward to you and the other hosts special guest coming to RP this friday. frankly speaking, it’s kinda tough to spot hunks/babes here. LOL!! nevertheless, good luck to you guys and enjoy the stay in RP (esp the almost full-blust air-con). XD

  4. Hi Dasmond,

    You seem to be in a state of bad mood (not your usual self leh). Probably the recent blog entries relating to xiaxue??? After so many years in media business, you just have to close one eye cos you simply cannot please everyone.

    Personally, i see your progress since you switched from 933 to TV host. Whether it is those fun & jovial prgramme (like hey gorgeous!) to little kiddy programme to formal event, you really handle all very well, with your own personal X-factor. I believe few can take on par with Quan’s witty and quick hosting style, but you managed to do it with style.
    Hope this year you will bag the “Best Host Award”. All the best

  5. I’ll definitely come back often….I love reading your blog just as much as I love XX’s blog ^.^ I think there should be a certain rule set for those who go around reading people blogs… I don’t know….after all, when I go reading someone’s blog, I’m not there to judge that person….I read for the fun of it. Just don’t understand why people have to take it so seriously….

  6. Hey! Last night the President Star Charity Show, u did a great job. Indeed a good host too! I am glad that the matter btw u n her did not effect ur hosting of the Charity show. Aniwae, thanks for everytime coming up here to update the latest entry.

    Frankly speaking, I do reali like ur blog veri much. Not because you are my fav DJ or host, it is because I do love reading artiste blog very much. And I like the way how they express too.

  7. heyz das

    cheer up abit, guess life have its ups and downs.

    Just hang on abit there and it’s will be over.

    *hugs* for you, and hope it does make u feel slightly better 😀

  8. Hey good job to yesterday’s president star charity:)anyway yeah!Way to go..
    Looking forward to more of your shows:)
    anyway do you have a cousin called alan?
    cause i just wanna know:)thanks

    ( umm… dun think so… unless whoever change his name n didn’t inform me… ah – from 22 )

  9. Last night PSC..u so handsome sia !! aiya..dun bother about the “matter” la..close one eyes lo…support u since when u r a dj until now..jia you 🙂 love reading ur blog yeah !!

  10. hey dasmond, it’s me again. haha ytd, i called out to you from the upper gallery, in blue.
    i was kinda hoping you recognise me without my uniform, but i wasnt sure u did. HAHA anywayyy, your so skinny nowwww )): cmon, eat eat eat. haha
    stay handsome xD

  11. Thanks for the responsive reply on my query. But if u can’t find the ans then it’s ok too. No worries. It’s because of u that I can ask some extra news too. Thanks a lot. 😉

  12. Hi Dasmond,

    if you are in a lousy mood, perhaps you can take a short break over the weekend. I started reading your blog since April and really enjoy reading.

    Don’t bother about others’ comment. Just be yourself.

  13. Hey!Dasmond do not need to worry much abt those lame comments(nasty comments) cause they are just lamers…..Good luck in ur career and take care >.

  14. hey dasmond, why isn’t lasalle selected?

    ( It all depends on the response or whether or not the school is willing to support the filming… 🙂 – from 22 )

  15. wow.. relax relax.. the word “DAMN” has a very heavy meaning in it ya? Don get so agitated. Will get old very easily. Haha..

    Anyway, i like ur hosting style. Do remember to jia you.. And of cos, continue to blog well and update us. Don san fen zhong re du leh. Looking forward~!!

  16. hey dasmond! gd job in hosting all the shows man…have been visting ur blog alot to find out mre things abt the shows…this is the first comment i leave u…haha…can send me the SP hey gorgeous photos ma…i wan see whether got my friend anot…she wan be scretive abt it…haha…thkks

  17. hi rong shao…
    u guys xin ku le on last fri, looking for sp babes n hunks.. so glad to c u guys n enjoy filming wif u all ^_^ such a pity didn get to take photos wif u all.. is it possible tat u send mi e pic of u, fiona, benn n nat ho cos i didn get e chance to take it…

    jia you will keep on supporting u!!!
    take care…

  18. Hi Dasmond,

    i LOVE reading ur blog!!!
    dun be angry abt some comments… there’s always positive & negative feedbacks in life & things tat u do…
    有些人是因嫉妒你而故意说些难听的话来惹你生气的。当你在为他们而生气时,他们就会开心, 因他们得逞了。
    keep on moving forward… continue wat u’re doing… there’s still many ppl enjoy reading ur blog…

    btw was disappointed tat i did get 2 c u in SP last fri… i met fiona n ben a few times when they’re lookin 4 e hunks…

  19. hihi zhen rong.. i really missed ur voice on radio.. when u left the radio station i was just about to sit for my o’levels.. time flies.. ^.^

  20. Good day to you too. xin ku ni le. RP will turn mad on Friday de. And I guess I’ll probably be the mad-est – cos can see Milubing too. hehe.

    jia you yor~~~

  21. hihi Dasmond…

    jus came upon ur blog via…love 2 see ur shws n oso e recent Hey!Gorgeous….haf been listenin 2 u since 933fm durin sec skool…dat’s v long ago wor..haha…btw keep noticin ur hair cos it suits u.. =D hmm seems dat frm e Shoot 3 wif e lady blogger has create such a huge turn-off…aniwae its jus sum othr ppls’ opinions n wat u reap u sow…so dun bother much lo…not evrione is 100% perfect…do blog more & hope 2 c more of ur hostings.. *cheers* =D

  22. hello dasmond !
    i spelt ur name correctly .
    oh & by the way do ue reply comments ?
    anyways , i wanted to ask u if all 3 members of MLB are going RP or just some ?

    thankyou ~!

    ( You guys gonna see all 3 of them 🙂 – from 22 )

  23. tp’s hunk n babe is the best!! nus isn’t too bad too, i caught them at amk hub! all look quite glamorous after dressing up.

  24. You are looking good at the President Star Charity 2007.

    Guess many people envy you to have the chance of standing beside those beautiful babes when on camera.

    Remember, it is a beautiful day …and you will have a beautiful day! That is how I always start my day.

  25. Hi Dasmond,
    Its great to follow you guys (hosts & crews) and of course MLB during the filming at RP.
    After following you guys thru-out the filming, then we (MLBians) realised that 你们有多辛苦!And it really looks very easy & simple from the tv. Thanks for all the great work to give us a very good show.
    Hope we have not brought any trouble or disturbance to you guys! Can’t wait to see this episode on 29th Oct. 2007.
    Fyi, you are one of the Best Host in Singapore (my personal opinion). Please keep up the good work and continue to 加油。You will finally win the Best Host Award soon.
    Although you have lost weight recently, but your looks are better than before (more handsome liao). I enjoy watching programmes that are host by you.
    Take care & have a nice days….

  26. hello dasmond. u’re a good host. jus be yourself and everything will be jus fine! i’ll stay tune to Hey! gorgeous. (:

    jia you!

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