Website Revolution!!!

Because its about time, so I decided to do up my website ( instead of only blog site )… but….. There’s always setback. First, I’m lack of time. Whatever that is in my mind cant really relate fully to others. Thus, got help majiam like no help… Then, both the header I design kena rejected … Read more

A little Update

Well, juz a little update for those who concern. With all the well wishes… Our CK is getting much better. According to him, most prob he will be discharge on Friday. ; )

Accidents do happen…

When I heard what happen to CK this afternoon, I started to make plans to pop by the hospital. I head down to Changi Hospital with Daren in the evening. Upon reaching, CK was sent for some tooth check up (yeap, he broke some of his teeth…) So I started my catching up session with … Read more

Missing Number 45

One of my dear friend was missing… Could’nt establish any contact with her for the past few days, dunno what happen to her… @.@ Well, juz received the set of pictures that was taken during ???????’s trailer shoot. Kinda like it quite a lot… nice set, retro, and we really look funny… more of it … Read more


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There’ll always be a time you think you should have a break… You started to calculate how many days you can afford, Thinking where should you go… … Gonna start planning for my year end holiday. I’ll go look for a tour agency to tag along with the tour… Everybody! Start saving up!!! We’ll go … Read more