Hey! Gorgeous – semi final


2 days of under the hot sun! Saturday we were at Sentosa and today, Pulau Ubin.

Congrats! Everybody finally return home with a well tann body ( not really sure the girls would like it… ha! )


One thing for sure, they became better friends after this 2 days. Sentosa’s personal profile filming and Q&A, Ubin’s Pyramid Tower’s challenge… It’s all about how to work hand in hand.


Special Guest this round, my buddy Vincent Ng!!! Fiona ( the forever scared of SUN woman… ha ) was with us, but not Ben… I’m sure with him around there’ll definitely be more fun… kinda miss him man….


For more pictures on our trip, go to Hey! Gorgeous Gallery or click on the thumbnails below! ( select view as slide show )


20 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous – semi final”

  1. hi 振荣. today saw u at toa payoh HDB popular. i was the staff there and i was standing at the entrance of the glass door. haha. so happy to see u. already the 2nd time saw u at toa payoh HDB. so cool man.

    ( ha.. I remember ya! chey, you didn’t even wanna say Hi! lo.. stand so still over there… haha! – from 22 )

  2. Hi,
    May i know when will the FINALS for Hey! Gorgeous will be shown on Channel U?

    ( 19th Nov I think… 29th@NYP,5th & 12th Semi finals… – from 22 )

  3. heys apart from all those hey gorgeous videos that are being uploaded, will there be sp and rp??
    THANKS !

    ( I’m not sure leh… I’m not the 1 who uploaded it… it’s one of our reader… πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  4. Hey Dasmond,

    Can’t seem to find the photos from the Sentosa trip in the Hey! Gorgeous photo album. Any other links to those photos?


    ( maybe you can try slide show after getting into the album πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  5. hey yos….i miss pulau ubin!!! ive been there for my sec one camp earlierr this year….went to the same place as where u went. but didnt play the pyramid…the sec 3s played…and the high elements….my frens said it was nice…but i couldnt play….cos of health prblms…just can see…and bydawae…..
    i love the prgrms u host..

    for everyth…


  6. it is boat i believe… they took the bumboat to the ubin – “stupid” focus adventure. which they played the TCP. i believe they had a great fun with the nice instructors and great faciliator… =) but NOT THE OWNER OF THE FOCUS ADVENTURE haha!! btw, dasmond, who is the faciliator for you guys ah?

    ( umm….. haha – from 22 )

  7. haha. thanks for replying mi. feel so honoured tat u rmb mi. so funny. when my first time standing there. keep saying ‘hello’, ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’, ‘see u again’ all this. nobody entertain mi. after a certain time i stop. i was being bully to stand there ytd. today the centre part of popular was open. so tat was my last day standing there.

    so surprise to see u there. don’t know whether u still rmb mi standing at a corner when u guys are filming ‘jus shoot 3’ ?

  8. Hi Dasmond,
    I really enjoy this show ‘Hey! Gorgeous” (o^_^o)v
    Sometimes, it was quite disappointing when the guys or ladies looked so different from the photos. But, I like ur response when u noticed the difference.. hee.. =P

  9. I liked the rustic feel of Pulau Ubin. Wild chickens, wild boars and the occasional snakes. Haha…The beaches there are absolutely beautiful – tranquil and breezy.

    Maybe I should be there again once more before they convert it to some stupid Adventureland Theme Park… -______-

  10. how typical! next thing you know, all of them (ok, most of them) will have some kind of contract with mediacorp. happens every time with these “beauty” or “talent” contest. wonder what happened to the ones who won but never ever heard about again? seriously, more emphasis on talent and not just look!


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