Michelle Chong – Driving Miss Foodie

Michelle Chong in Driving Miss Foodie 驾车找吃路! She is the lucky one, instead of 3 locations, we are going to 4 in this episode! 香港快餐来报到! 师奶茶餐厅 1000 East Coast Park Marine Cove You can eat… and listen to live performances! Ok, there’s no one singing in this picture, but you will see them when you … Read more

权怡凤 – Driving Miss Foodie

I know I wont be ill treated by her… But TorTuRed!!! I was like constantly praying she’ll be nice to me… haha 第一个地点 MOMOYA Japanese Restaurant 16 Jalan Pari Burong,Picardy Garden 无限量自助餐有兴趣,大约有一百零八种菜肴,任选任吃! 新鲜生鱼片 Sashimi Mori (assorted raw fish)/ 日式意大利面 Mentaiko Spaghetti ( Spagheti with cod roe sauce)/ 乳酪三文鱼卷 Smoked Salmon with cream cheese maki/ 乳酪腌肉卷 … Read more

Thank you…

3 Days. It’s time to close the Chapter. It’s not my habit to moderate comments. So, be it singing of praises, mocking, outright cursing or pure simple comment, you see it all… I hear you all. But I see no point in explaining anything to anyone. Simply because, the issue is between Felicia and me. … Read more


一篇报道,引发的是一连串的简讯和电话。 Paul Chan是第一个,后来拨电的还有其他记者朋友,Ann Kok, 怡凤等等。。。 text: Wow! U really gan gan bao liao! text: Look! Who’s talking!… Ooooo Phone: 讲我的话我都懒得打电话给你,因为我知道报章的写法,每次 都是这样的。。。but 你better 跟她解释一下。。。 ( Ann ) Phone: wah… 每个人都打来问我你发神经ah? 人家读过就算了啦!(不是这样的。。。), Then有没有跟Felicia讲?( 怡凤 ) Ok… Papers pick up which ever part they want here and there. It’s not my choice. We talk, we share, we joke. … Read more

Huang Hui – Driving Miss Foodie

Past encounter… Family Combo 门当户对! And now, Driving Miss Foodie 黄慧! 第一个地点 SAKURA International Buffet Restaurant Clementi Woods Drive 这家餐馆,汇集了中西和日本,多道受欢迎的特色菜肴, 自助餐,铁板烧大家可以一次过品尝到多种口味的美食! 第二个地点 TAVOLO No 5 Boon Tat St #01-01 意式鹅肝 干炒意面 第三个美食地点 新颖概念西餐厅 Lasalle College of Arts Blk D #01-01 McNally St 乌冬沙律 Udon Salad 日式芥末虾比萨 Prawn pizza with wasabi n bonito flakes 炸鱼片 Fish … Read more


There’s a change in telecast date for 当公主遇上王子 Princess and Prince. No more once a week month, gonna be every Friday starting 14th August 2009. Coming up on the 14th August, 8pm. Joanne Peh 白薇秀 21th August Paige Chua 28th August Fiona Xie Remember to tune in!

Felicia Chin – Driving Miss Foodie

We hosted 美食大专攻 together, and now, it’s 驾车找吃路! 荣少 vs 陈靓萱 Go! Go! Go! 2 ex-Miss Foodie we met in makeup room before we set off… Miss Ann Kok! Miss Cynthia Koh! 第一个美食地点 乐亭菜馆 Blk 127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh #02-34 松糕!!! 巧克力,蓝莓,芝士腌肉,葡萄,Oreo饼,香蕉核桃,青橄榄,Durian,烈酒XO etc! 2nd Location 菲律宾特色菜肴 Bonifacio No 35 Kreta Ayer Road Sinigang na … Read more

A Letter to the Black car driver

If you happen to read this. It’s a close encounter. Please do not expect once you signal, you are able to cut lane immediately, especially when the car beside you is less than a car length behind. And you have the guts to claim that ‘I’ve already signal!’ You expect others to react and adhere … Read more