For Xiaxue

Umm… how to start this… Okay, I must admit that I feel pretty bad after reading Xiaxue latest entry ( was directed there… ). I can somehow understand how she feels now. I’m not trying to sound like a nice guy, nor to stir up anything again,creating hits… And definitely not trying to win votes … Read more

姜还是老的辣? Let Shoot!

Here’s another round of news with regards to the Star Search 2007, nobody knows it will turn out this way… ha! Looks like it’s more interesting than any drama scripts out there. Well, why not let the whole world hear you out, tell the reporters, media pple who log on this site what you think. … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous @ SMU

Yeap! the 4 of us were at SMU today. Filming Hey! Gorgeous … hunting high and low for babes and hunks… And, the contestants we hv narrowed down are… It was another very hot day ( remind me of TP filming… we had joy, we had fun, we got sunburn under the sun… ;( ) … Read more

Slimming Anyone???

Slimming Slimming Slimming…. Just when the whole world busy talking and discussing on how to slim down. I have this piece of news to tell ya before I leave for work… For the past few days, 8 out of 10 person who had met me will ask me… ‘ Hey! You slim down quite a … Read more


There she goes again… lol… But this round abit not too fair to her la… (I’m not saying the previous ones she 罪有应得 hor :x) According to some of the witnesses who were there that day (most of them old bird reporters), the prob lies with the new bird… Being new bird is not easy, … Read more

missing 22hrs

Just when everybody was talking abt the earthquake yesterday (yes, again…) My site was under AtTaCkEd and down for almost 22hrs! Alright, I noe some of ya got the url after watching Let’s Shoot! 有话就说! Now, since you manage to see this, It means I’m back! Alive and kicking… ha For those who have missed … Read more

Human Character

Character is the expression of the personality of a human being, and that it reveals itself in his conduct. In this sense every man has a character I’ve always been wondering whether human character is born, or its a matter of brought up, or friends surrounding us… If the quote above is right, such that … Read more


Sometimes a day can just pass off as normal as it could be… Sometimes surprises do happen. I was driving near Scotts Road abt an hour back. Suddenly, I could feel that some1 in the car on my right was trying to catch my attention… I turn my head.. and OMG, it was Sharon Aw! … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous @ SIM

We carried out the Hey! Gorgeous search at SIM yesterday! Meeting to discuss the 6 finalists… Here they are, the gals… The guys…. And, some fun moments with Fiona, Ben and Julian… p/s: The guy in the centre is Herbert, a friendly chap who has taken a couple of nice pics for us, check them … Read more