FaT vs 4pecks

Okie… all my dear friends, STOP calling or sms me about my 4 pecks! See, even he got this problem… ahahaha! We’re human being after all… 🙂 So, 3 sets of 2-minutes each Bridge exercise ( dunno wat? google it… ha ) Sit ups… 3 sets of 30 And control diet! All these are necessary. … Read more


Bioskin 要你好看 is coming back! Got good lobang dun say I never inform you guys and gals hor… If you think you’ve got serious… I mean serious acne, freckles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines sort of facial problem, they are here to help 🙂 Boys or girls, Men or Women ( which means young … Read more

Growing up~

It was my sis birthday on the 12th ( which I was doing Sheng Siong Live Show ), so I decided to call for a dinner on the following day. Had my god son and daughter’s family joining us. It has been a while I last seen the kids… It’s pretty amazing how fast they … Read more