New Toy :)

Today started off beautifully. Woke up early to receive my ‘new toy’ 🙂 OSIM uInfinity! I’m a person who cannot do without massage. Massage is like therapeutic to me… Put me into the relax mode and allows me to unwind after a long day of work. The thought of bringing home a ‘masseur’ had been … Read more

Diary 37/2013

Past few days, I must say, it’s an interesting one. There’s so much to do, so little time. Since I couldn’t really sleep now, why not let’s do a recap 🙂 Never really understand how fun Race Me to the Stars was, until last Sunday… Boy… the contestants were so creative! Despite it was along … Read more

Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗?

It was indeed fun, trying our best to master something new… Thanks to Channel 8’s new variety show Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗? I had much fun doing the 2 episodes. Martial Art 武术 It wasn’t easy, really… Luckily there’s my buddy Vincent Ng. Having him with me ease off my learning quite a … Read more