Got this electronic 签 from shufen, guess which number I pick? haha Try and pick one, see what it says 🙂 Don’t peek! Draw a number (only once) to see your luck! 神明有交代不能賴皮只能抽一次? ~! 01 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 91 02 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 92 03 … Read more

How mean can we get?

Let’s try it out ( let our imagination runs wild ) and see how mean we can get… … when some1 gives you a sweet, it’s because your mouth stinks… when some1 gives you a bottle of perfume, it’s because you stink… when some1 gives you a dress, it’s because you got no taste when … Read more

An Invitation to Sharkwater

Well, if you’re free this coming Monday evening, here’s an invitation extended to you by Gill Divers. Gill Divers will pay for 1 for every pair of tickets. Please help to spread this piece of message. Help creating awareness. Help save sharks… [youtube XeETSJ4lWyQ&rel=1] Time : 28th Jan 2008, 9pm Venue: Orchard Lido Sharkwater – … Read more

Do not stand at my grave and weep 千风之歌

看了权大妈在部落格的一篇有关Delete的文章后,有感而发地找了这首诗和你分享. 千 风 之 歌 请不要佇立在我的墓前哭泣 因为我並不在那里 我並沒有沉睡不醒 而是化为千风 我已化身为千缕微風 翱翔在无限宽广的天空里 秋天 我化身为阳光 照射在田野間 冬天 我化身为白雪 綻放钻石般的閃耀光芒 晨曦升起之际 我幻化为飞鸟 轻声地唤醒你 夜幕低垂之時 我幻化成星辰 溫柔地守护你 請不要佇立在我的墓前哭泣 因为我並不在那里 我並沒有沉睡不醒 而是化为千风 我已化身为千缕微风 翱翔在无限宽广的天空里 诗的来源有两个不同的说法 一对印地安夫妻,先生在妻子死了后,想要自杀时,在整理抽屉,发现妻子写了这首诗,读了之后就决定继续活下去. 1932年,在美国马利兰州巴尔的摩市,一位名为Mary Elizabeth Frye (1905-2004) 的主妇,为同居友人Margaret Schwarzkopf 过世的母亲而写的作品. 在1995年,英国一名青年在爱尔兰共和军袭击下牺牲. 临死前把一封信交给父母,请他们在他离世后打开,信内就是这一首诗,经过传媒的报导后,得到广泛的回响。 2001年,美国 911恐怖袭击事件后,在一个追悼仪式中,1名11岁的少女在会中读出此诗,以表达她对在911事件中丧生的父亲的追思. 2006年日本红白大赛,木村拓哉朗诵了这首诗,接着丘川雅史深情演唱 [youtube fCY5SQXQByQ&rel=1] 千の風になって 私のお墓の前で 泣かないでください そこに私はいません 眠ってなんかいません 千の風に千の風になって あの大きな空を吹き渡っています 秋には光になって 畑にふりそそぐ 冬はダイヤのように … Read more


First of all, would like to thank Mr. Leong for his kind suggestion in ST forum. We hear you, we will try to improve, over the fact that we’ve got limited air time, and have to explain the slightly complicated way of playing the game ( through phone, for someone who might not know the … Read more

Gift, with love…

Thoughts to share… When we are given a gift, the surface value of the gift becomes insignificant if what we treasure more is the value behind it… like who we got it from, and why it was given to us… Only when we see no value in it, we will then not hesitate in trading … Read more

What's up?

I didn’t go MIA ( aka missing-in-action ) … so there is no need to search high and low for me… Wasn’t able to blog cause my internet access was down. I call the provider on Sunday, spend half an hour on phone troubleshooting. No outcome. They say they will arrange for a technician. Earliest … Read more

Book @-@

Everyone has got their own little way in recording their thoughts… Pictures, videos, writing … and trying very hard to remember all happenings in their hearts (umm……) The thought of writing another book came to my mind again today… 文字是美丽的 文字是可以很有想像空间的 以文字 抒发情感 它就会象 享用美食一样 给人一个 细心咀嚼 用心品尝 的机会 Maybe I should really work on … Read more


听到消息时 心情的难以平伏 在昨天去灵堂拜祭MC之后 突然平静了很多 人生本无常 理应轻松看待 但却又并非易事 今天,MC妈妈的精神看来好多了 她说,好多朋友的慰问和安慰 给了她一种无形的力量 支持着她 让她能够坚强面对 人生在世也不过数十年 迟也好 早也好 终究都会抵达终点 离开的时候能如此风光 MC真的不枉此生… 会永远记得你的笑脸…

MC King收…

想利用这一个小小的空间 告诉你一些些 我心里的想法 真的很突然 到现在还没能完全反应过来。。。 相识是缘分 很开心能有机会 出现在你生命中的某一页 谢谢你 每一次碰面时的亲切 永不吝啬的笑脸 尽管,不可能再见面 你的笑声 将永远留在我们心间。。。 一路好走。。。 Sometimes, growing up (or well should I say growing old) is painful… for friends starting to leave us one after another…