From Egypt, with love…

Album of Egypt Trip Yo! Greeting from Cairo, Egypt! To continue with the story of my previous post… during my flight from Doha to Luxor, I left a little case on the plane… nothing much inside, JUST a spare battery for my digi camera, my ear piece and a SD card 🙁 Not to waste … Read more

Greetings fron DOHA!

YO! I’m nowing in Doha International Airport, waiting for transit to Luxor. Stupid me… didnt bring the connector to upload pictures… will do that once I get access again. Take care and have fun in Singapore!

Bon Voyage!

Alright, after all the rushing and packing… I’m leaving for Egypt! And you know what’s the best part for today’s preparation? One of my dear friend pass me a Apple MacBook! hahahahahaha….. I’ve been thinking of getting this cool Macbook for quite sometime already. So, the timing is just right… I’ll have a good 10 … Read more

工作时 等 上场的那刻… 约会时 等 对方的出现… 失落时 等 心情的好转… 快乐时 等 欢乐的结束… 踌躇时 等 决择的落定… 失眠时 等 周公的棋盘… 年少时 等 梦想的实践… 老来时 等 一切的结束… 如果老天爷 一口气把 等 所浪费的时间 还回来的话… … 那我们是不是会 年轻 好几年?

It's Fun! @@

This 2 days things was like a bit different for me… apart from normal hosting jobs, there were something out of the norm that kinda perk up the ‘normal day’ feel.. ha! Yeap, if you’ve been following entertainment news, it’s the lunar new year show Shawn is involved. Belinda and Nat are in the movie … Read more

Star Awards Prelude

Been quite a while since I last work with Cuifang. We did the filming of Star Awards Prelude episode 9 today. We did some links in the morning, and followed by interviewing artistes in the afternoon… Kind of a catch-up session with all of them… met Lin Meijiao, Ah Wu, Guo Liang, Geping da ge, … Read more

No Cats please…

While I was surfing on the net… I came across Andy’s site… And one of his post proves my stand again. Rats won’t like Cats. Listen to the way their whining and look at the way they fight… Arrg…. They manage to take a video. And their conversation was rather entertaining I feel.. ha. Nice … Read more

Campus Yummy @ NUS

I’m counting down to the date of departure, for my Egypt trip. 9 more days to 24th of Nov. I ate quite a bit today. Started with Indon style chicken rice, soup, brownie, spaghetti, vegetable salad etc… I wanna put on weight! Kinda behind schedule already… suppose to put on 5kg 2 weeks ago… Now … Read more

Hey! Gorgeous… Finals!

Finally, we are doing the filming for the final episode of Hey! Gorgeous. We arrived at our filming location Dragonfly around 10 plus this morning, and started our rehearsal… The winner will be walking away with S$2000 cash, hamper and the cool looking trophy! While the crews are having lunch…. this is what the contestants … Read more

What's Up?

The past few days had all been Campus Yummy’s Day. You must have heard this… One of the job of being an artiste is to wait. For quite awhile I’ve not been doing so… Until this few days. Wait Wait Wait… and still Wait… Felicia and I can spend a good 1 hr plus in … Read more