Hey! Gorgeous @ RP

Here we go again… this round, Republic Polytechnic!

The crowd was good… but can be a little bit more rowdy…
rp crowd 2rp crowd 3

Since this is the last campus for this season’s Hey! Gorgeous… we tried our best to hunt down the hunks and babes in the school…
viewing 2viewing

And here they are!
Ms Hey! Gorgeous to-be….
rp gals

Mr Hey! Gorgeous to-be….
rp guys

Special guest for today’s show ( which is episode 10 )… Superband, MiLuBing!

ben$fionamlb fans

More pictures!

40 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ RP”

  1. Hi Dasmond,
    Very happy to follow you guys (hosts, crews & of course MiLuBing) thru out the filming. The experirnce was great, but very tiring. After all these followings, then I realised that it is not so easy to film just for a show likes this. And from the tv, it really looks easy & simple!
    Oops, think most of us were caught by the cameras! “Jia-lat liao”.
    RP babe & hunk were my choices too. Good luck to both of them in the Grand Final.
    Keep up the great work and continue to jia-you…
    You are one of my Best Host in Singapore. Hope you will win the Best Host Award soon.
    Have a great weekend, smilez & be happy.

  2. hehe… saw u today … u really 瘦 alot wor … going to be 纸片人 liao la … do gain weight faster … but not too much … U became more 帅 liao … jia you … hehe…

  3. Dasmond, can I use some of your photos that you took at the Hey Gorgeous @ RP to post it on my blog? =)

    ( sure, go ahead… – from 22 )

  4. OH..Its the end of Hey! Gorgeous in poly..Den its the finale for the representative of the school..Come on !!…ALl the best to everyone that joined the evnt and the winners too!!..
    And oso..Dasmond..How many episode are there??

    ( 10 eps on campus search, 2 semi finals and 1 final 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. yo yo dasmond!

    =.= i think i see myself somewhere in the photo… hmmm…

    but anwws, RP was fun today~ =) really pei fu u guys ah, end of day still can jump around n joke when i was dead tired alr. xin ku le~!

    nv post up the ‘ai4 mei4’ photo ah? hahas.. hmm, hvnt load my pics into comp yet.. if quality ok then send to ya tml bahs.

    takecare~! =D

  6. where’s ben’s BIG HAIR? Hahaha

    ( He doing a travel show from today onwards, so gotta change a bit of image… should be in Taiwan now… Hv fun Ben! – from 22 )

  7. wahahs!
    ytd’s filming was great!
    so many hours of filming, but all cut up to one hour on tv only.. hmm.
    haha kk, and rong shao u look great ytd! i mean, in real person.. haha. continue to be charming~ lols.
    hope u rest well enough for the new day~ =)

  8. hey!
    it was so cool to see you all in RP yesterday!
    (made the day man.. you know how bored can we get sometimes with daily routine in “RP Kindergarden”)

    HAHA! Will there be a Hey Gorgeous 2?

  9. i bet this must be one of the most enjoyable episode for the hosts and special guests as u guys don’t have to look for the hunks and babes under the hot sun. even the voting round is done in air-conditioned south agora. hahahahhaha~

    can’t wait for this episode to be on air. v(*.o)

  10. hello dasmond! ytd was fun~ hv to pei fu u all run here run thr whole day, at e end of e day when ppl requested for pics u all still smile nicely for them..kudos~ now i noe how tiring filming is..film so long onli air tt 1 hr..xin ku le! 🙂 hmm..saw myself somewhr in one of e pics.. >.

  11. hey dasmond… rmb mi i was super nervous taking the pic with u haha! anyway u shd really gain weight… great effort for the babes n hunks, both winners deserve it!

  12. Hey Dasmond,I heard that Republic Poly’s votes are hacked into…I not sure is it true…cos there are 10000 ppl voting…so it’s kinda suspicious…while other campus are like about less than that

  13. haha i from sp like hey gorgeous show never miss one. use u tp photo. plus like u entry too.so cool to see your live. haha one more thing in one big picture is tat fiona trying to kiss u haha

  14. btw, u look damn cool in tt first photo la~ =D

    overheard some people saying tt F1 looks like F.I.R.’s faye. hmmm… but she danced real well! yeah yeah… =)

    heard fr my fren tt u had another day of filming today? hmm. rest well~!

  15. Wow, looks likes quite a numbers of MLBians have posted in your blog. Especially, after following you guys filming Hey Gorgeous in RP.
    You guys have done a Great Job, wondering who will be the guest artistes in th 2 semi-finals & finally the Grand Final?
    Hopefully Hey Gorgeous will be an annual show!
    Agree with some of them that you are indeed more handsome now. I do not think it is necessary for you to purposely go and gain weight!

  16. nice seeing you guys in RP! Thanks for making our boring Friday (at least for me, cos my Friday class is really boring) fun! haha.

    Fyi, I’m among the group of “stalkers”…but didn’t stalk as much as the rest of MLBians la, cos need to go back to class le. haha.

    My parents saw you when they came to drive me home. My mum say you’re very handsome haha. Fyi, she likes you! hehe.

    someone asked what’s the first guy’s name right? his name is Tosh.

    Tricia is the first person that caught my attention when I first saw her Hip Hop group performing in school…haha so I’m happy for her for you-know-why…haha.

    take care yor~~

  17. THANKS AR.. dasmond
    come and “dang” me when i was trying to capture some pics of mlb
    still “V” me
    u make us very tired
    cos we need to run here run there
    very sian de
    i manage to take photo with u
    guess u wun mind i grab ur photo?

  18. Hi lao shi xiong…
    remember me?? your xiao shi mei from anglican high.. heh.. wanna send u the pic we took.. to let u remember this xiao shi mei of yours.. heh.. send me an email soon…=)
    Xiao Shi Mei

  19. wanted to take picture with you @ rp but you had to look for the babes and hunks. damn sad. waited for the event to finish and still couldn get a chance too. saw u up to the bus and.. still couldn get over the fact that picture wasn taken at all. i watched all ur hosting prog, and i love it! keep going!

  20. heyy..
    glad to c eu guys here in RP tat day..
    in case eu’re wonderin, im the gal whom eu interviewed near the library.. the one lookin rock wid permed hair.
    anyways, takkaire n rock on.



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