This 2 days been rather busy… The Campus Yummy Hunt will be printing poster. Both Felicia and me were like all dressed up, like a food hunter to shoot the poster, kinda funny…

poster 4poster 1

poster 5poster 2

Next is the Star Awards promotional trip. The four of us, together with Cui Fang went to White Sand Shopping Mall, Park Mall and J8 for the filming…


Will be out on Star Awards Prelude soon… and ya, still working hard in drawing votes… 🙂

promo2 promo1

Attended a D&D just few hours ago. Hosted the Dinner with Jaime.

DSC00041 copy



16 thoughts on “Updates!”

  1. wow this year’s star awards roadshow is not publicised ya?

    campus yummy is coming to sp on monday rite? hope to see you and felicia there!

  2. Hi..for the stars awards prelude with you, bryan wong, han wei and tay ping hui, is it next week show or next 2 weeks then show?


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