Children's Day!

What I did on Children’s Day 2007. . .

Started my day by filming a trailer for my new variety show with Felicia.
If you’re interested in recommending your favorite canteen food in Campus Yummy!, will let you know the detail when it’s out…

yummy 4 copyyummy 5 copy

yummy 8 copy yummy 6 copy

Funny MC King suddenly appeared when we were busy filming the trailer, check out his image in his new drama!

mc king copy


I did a recording with yes 933 大导演 丁志勇. after that. His 暗巷 2 will come on air real soon and I’m playing a little role in it. Been quite some time since I visited 933 studio.


Majiam like a gathering today 🙂


933b  copy933d copy

933e copy933c copy

933f copy 933a copy

25 thoughts on “Children's Day!”

  1. ya got lost some weight ke lian.. but Y will some1 juz lose weight like that? y not lunchtime u makan more la..pple eat 1 plate of rice u eat 2 plates plus desert.. snacks time juz bite on loads of icecream,snickers,chocolates…try this for 1week gurantee u will gain weight..wahahaa

  2. wooo hoo!
    1st oct— happy children’s day!
    2nd oct — my b’day!
    3rd oct — 100.3 fm’s b’day!
    everyday is a day to be celebrated!
    tian tian dou shi sunday! 🙂

  3. Everyone in the photo looking great!

    What I love is to see the smile and laughter being expressed out, it gives the joy to the world. Thanks for sharing your joy with us by giving us your smiles!!!


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