Jaime Teo – Driving Miss Foodie

Still remember this? 下一站,吃什么? Next Stop… Bon Apetite? I was constantly gana ‘bullied’ by my co-host Jaime Teo in the programme… And guess what… Nightmare is back!!! Can tell I look kinda ‘scared’ standing beside her right… ya… And she is good in ‘acting’… Okay.. being ‘bullied’ aside, eating time! 第一个地点 上海人家 No 115 East … Read more

Michelle Chia – Driving Miss Foodie

Before I Start… Look at how funny Michelle is… while driving… 🙂 Yeap, Driving Miss Foodie 驾车找吃路 featuring Michelle Chia… Here we go! 1st Location 建新美食店 No 90 Geylang Lorong 27 福州鱼丸 福州鱼燕 酒楼虾枣 Then we drive to… No 26 Kandahar Street Le Pont De Vie 法式西餐 Discussing what to say 🙂 开胃菜:煎鸭肝 开胃菜:法式蜗牛 主菜:法式脆皮鸭 … Read more

Reason? Season?

After watching this and thinking deep into the msg behind it, it makes ending a relationship much easier… ha To people I loved and also those who loved me… [youtube bLltt5cPDOc]


When things beyond our control happened, it’s so helpless… So what if we’ve got the whole world? Yet, there’s nothing we can do. No matter how desperate we are… And only at times like that, we will then know who we actually needed… To have them be by our side, taking care of us. To … Read more

Ann Kok – Driving Miss Foodie ( Update )

This Wednesday’s episode… Featuring Ann Kok!!! Driving Miss Foodie 驾车找吃路 想当年。。。十年吗?haha This was back then when Ann appeared on my radio show. The road trip with her was fun… talk, share, gossip, grumble, everything…! And we just never get tired of taking pictures 🙂 From single shots… Standard Portrait… haha FUn Poses… StyLo type… heh … Read more


Ok, there’s quite a number of you guys ( and gals ), asking whether this is genuine… Yeap, this is my account. I thought it might be easier for me to answer some of your questions and keeping everyone in the loop of all the happenings around me. So, you are invited, to join us! … Read more