It’s so Simple to be Happy but so difficult to be Simple Only when you Fully Understand that some things are just Not meant to be and Master the Art of Never expect or hope for things for what Is to be Given Will be Given You will then be tagged Happy 🙂

F1 accident…

Got this from a friend, pretty funny… F1 accident… and I guess most of my friends know I dun~ really like cats… so, here’s 1 of the reason, they’ve got no idea about water conservation… really…. [youtube NIVsZRPx_Dw]


为什么不理? 因为说多了会累. 所以按照自己喜欢的方式, 做你想做的吧! 🙂 @@ 因为其中一个老弟即将开拍一部有关乒乓的连续剧, 加上身边的朋友都喜欢打乒乓, 所以今天在另一个老弟的陪同下, 去买了两块木板. 磨磨擦擦漆漆油油的, 搞起了个乒乓桌. 会不会派上用场都好, 老觉得挺有成就感的. 还不到S$100 的杰作 🙂 @@ 几个月前写下来的几行字. 为什么? 疼爱. 希望另一个小老弟会乖乖的, 开心的成长. 我想, 这应该是所有年长的都能了解的感受吧… 为疼爱的小孩插上翅膀, 让他们无忧的飞翔 无形的翅膀 [youtube sxiEMnrtGss] 迷路兵的新专辑 “三角行” 发行了! 多多支持! @@ 疑问: 你到底有几个老弟 解答: 3 个 疑问: 谁? 解答: 翻阅我过往的博客文章便自有分晓. 要不, 那一天心血来潮再详细解答.

Superband 22/09

The last semi finals of the season. The top 6 teams involve in the competition. They pop by to render their support… The show goes on…. Then… mass photo taking session… And, the top 4 for Superband 2 Finals on 5th Oct! Are they your bet??? More picture in the Superband 2 album, click

老朋友, 还好吧?

打从我在933和麦克风爱得痴痴缠的时候, 就已经非常欣赏君伟. 我一直认为我会红是靠运气, 而他那么受欢迎, 凭的全是实力. 这一两个星期我忙着隐居加力谷山修炼, 不晓得江湖上发生了这么一桩事. 很多时候, 我们跟一些人接触后, 总会有些想法. 因为我们有幸, 能用自个儿的眼睛看, 自个儿的耳朵听… 老朋友, 言之是否有物, 大夥儿心照不宣. 甭管那些小咖的留言. 挺你的大有人在…

When a helping hand means so much…

Have you ever wonder, when you needed help, who will be there lending the helping hand? Will there be someone who will be willing to sacrifice the time that belong to them, to help get you out of some mess? Naturally, we would expect someone close to us to do that. And in times when … Read more

Telemovie 想你的时候

Yeap, we have completed with the filming. The telemovie will be out on sale in late Oct or early Nov… will keep you guys posted. Meanwhile, some really nice pics taken by the director Christopher 🙂

TeleMovie 想你的时候

Started working on the TeleMovie 想你的时候 this morning…. What’s that? A TeleMovie by Innoform. On sale in DVD form when it’s ready for release. Casts include 林佩芬 from yes933, Joshua Ang 洪赐健 ( yeap, will be working with my bro 🙂 ), 琼芳姐 ( my ‘mum’ in 孩有明天 ), etc… The plot? He likes her, … Read more