Hey! Gorgeous… Final Countdown!

Last day of filming for Hey! Gorgeous semi final.

Last day under the sun…

Look at how we try to protect ourselves… ha

crew 2crew 1

Fiona insisted must use an umbrella, those with UV protection. There’s really a different after I tried standing under it…


They are the brave ones… fighting the sun…

grp 1

5 guys5 gals

Check these out… ha! Go to Hey! Gorgeous Gallery or click on the thumbnails below! ( select view as slide show )


1 thought on “Hey! Gorgeous… Final Countdown!”

  1. Hi Dasmond. So happy to see u and the 20 finalist of hey gorgeous at causeway point. haha. so fun. ask guys to take off shirt ,sing song n do push up. lol. i also think gusti have a good body. but look like he dont want. Also thanks for your signature. Drink more water and rest well. Take care.


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