Taiwan! This gonna be a different experience :)

Here’s what’s the trip is all about! Special Departure 6th April! Call Chan Bros for more details 62129977! Miaoli Fruit Orchard where you can delight in hand picking and eating seasonal fruit. Qing An Tofu Street, famous for its savoury and smooth texture as they are handmade following traditional methods with local water which tastes … Read more


Yeap, how’s things? Fast huh, we’re into 2nd month of 2010 already. 2010 gonna be a rather different year for me I guess. Firstly, I shifted house ( again?… yes, again… haha ) That’s why I took a while to be back on the internet wave cos the setup of my internet link and my … Read more

A Short Break… :)

Just got back from a short holiday @ Bintan. Kinda a last minute trip, but all was good. Apart from a quick dip in the water ( we did only 1 dive )… We practically do nothing but lazing around, enjoying life 🙂 Enjoying the beautiful resort… Swim~~ Spa and Massage~~ Here’s the one pic … Read more

The Danube!

Finally. I sorted out all the pictures I’ve taken during the 10 days Danube trip. And here I am, recording it, sharing it. 29th August evening. With my Canon EOS450D, Canon Ixus80, and my luggage… I set off for my journey. After a rather comfortable 14hr’s flight, I get to smell the air in Nuremberg, … Read more

Fun Boat Ride!

Well, this is another clip I’ve edited from the footage I’ve gotten during our recent KK diving trip… It’s fun actually… haha! REMINDER Dun let your mum watch it if she has always been disagreeing in letting you take up water related sports… :p

Dive Trip in KK!

Yeap, I’m back! As usual, it was a fun and relaxing trip. We did diving, river rafting ( a good 7km.. Ooo… ) and eat and eat and eat… ha! Waiting for our flight… everyone has got their own toy… The resort! And the main purpose of our trip, Diving! Check out the clip! ( … Read more


Thought of heading Tioman or Dayang for a dive before the next season of Sheng Siong Show starts in April… Anyone interested? Leaving in the evening of 3rd April back on 5th night ( weekend getaway ). Cost id $350 for leisure Dive, and $599 for Open Water course. What about a Longer holiday? haha … Read more

What's up?

Some updates… Telemovie 想你的时候 will be launching in 2 weeks time. Been following up closely… 🙂 Went for the preview few days back… umm… think my acting sucks… haha. If you are interested in getting a copy through mail ( think VCD is below $15 and DVD is below $20 ), you can email my … Read more