Star Awards Prelude

Been quite a while since I last work with Cuifang. We did the filming of Star Awards Prelude episode 9 today. We did some links in the morning, and followed by interviewing artistes in the afternoon…

Kind of a catch-up session with all of them… met Lin Meijiao, Ah Wu, Guo Liang, Geping da ge, Liu Zhixuan, Huang Hui, May Phua, Jiongyao etc…

Star Awards Prelude 010Star Awards P11Star Awards Prelude 005

Star Awards Prelude 023Star Awards Prelude 020

Star Awards Prelude 009Star Awards Prelude 018

Star Awards Prelude 008Star Awards Prelude 001

Star Awards Prelude 017Star Awards Prelude 015

Star Awards Prelude 016Star Awards Prelude 026Star Awards Prelude 027

And ya, Sharon will be back to host the Star Awards 2007 with Guo Liang and YiFong!


27 thoughts on “Star Awards Prelude”

  1. hey hey dAsmond,

    Nice hair style you have now. And will pray that you will get the award you desire this year….Hmm by the way its gonna be 16th of Dec right? The news report on Sharon Au return to host is dated on the 6th!!!!

  2. hey! think you look kinda different in the new hair style!

    perhaps, you look a bit fatter! (in some of the photos).so isnt that a good thing lol.

  3. hi dasmond,its mie first tm tagging.pity tt u nvr got in best variety host.ur hosting ability is great!do not give up!i will support ya…wondered why ur blog is named as 22@dasmond koh…???

    ( 22 is my birthday 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. hey thereee:D
    thanks for that shot today, haha
    i was telling your friend that your like super busy and packed with hosting and shows
    have you got time for yourself to enjoy?
    haha, better take care laaa. i always say it but i mean it xD
    hehe so anyway, i’ve already blogged!
    have a goodnight’s rest!

  5. i think u new hairstyle is kinda too short for u.. makes ur face looks long.. and also to funky. abit beng. i still prefer ur previous look. clean cut n boyish…

  6. yeapps..i agree with lijuan this hairstyle suits u better than the hairstyle u always do for ` CAMPUS HUMMY HUNT’ s0rry n0 0ffence.=))


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