Greetings fron DOHA!


I’m nowing in Doha International Airport, waiting for transit to Luxor.

Stupid me… didnt bring the connector to upload pictures… will do that once I get access again.

Take care and have fun in Singapore!

31 thoughts on “Greetings fron DOHA!”

  1. Wah Das,U blog so fast arh… also haven’t update about your latest update!
    Well, I guess they Lag alot recently…

    Enjoy ur holidays…Do visit my blog arh…hahaha(I am sure u will)

  2. wa u r actually blogging during a transit… hope u enjoy ur trip!
    the apple mac book is actually not as easy to use as our common computers… especially the mousepad!

    btw, did u help kym to create a blog? I found this: http:/

  3. Hi Das,
    i guess within that region,
    The streets must be very interesting, please post some picts man,
    BTW, the Macbook looks great man,
    especially the white, is it on the new OS, Leopard already?

  4. take great great care too and remember to enjoy urself to the fullest ! Weather must have been great i supposed!

  5. hello! desmond..
    have a good hols at there.. hmm, take care hor!
    ya, without handphonw wun die but u got ur lappie n psp wif u mah.. (of coz wun bored till die ) hahah..
    cya soon!!
    take casre.. post more pics hor..

  6. at Doha….when you back..must buy back some DATES for your family and frens!
    as at Doha .they selling is more bigger and nicer!!
    Egypt also have..but is smaller and more sweeter of cos is cheaper ah!!

    have fun!!!

  7. Dasmond.. don’t know if you heard of the news about 5 Singaporean Dragon boaters drowned in Cambodia Water Festival on last Friday.. 1 Dragon boater by the name of Jeremy Goh from SIM is from my class and I saw his friendster got took photo wid Fiona.. haix.. sadded..

  8. hey dasmond!
    am watching your show “you hua jiu shuo” now. first time see you so agitated when the agency lady kept pushing the blame!haha.. glad to see that objective side of you (:

    nevertheless.. here’s wishing you a fab trip in luxor!
    enjoy yourself!(:


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