From Egypt, with love…

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Yo! Greeting from Cairo, Egypt!


To continue with the story of my previous post… during my flight from Doha to Luxor, I left a little case on the plane… nothing much inside, JUST a spare battery for my digi camera, my ear piece and a SD card 🙁

Not to waste the money ( a 24hrs connection cost US$26 here… ), I shall start loading up the photos and give you guys some details of how my past few days had been…

00:30 hrs


01:50 hrs

02:45 hrs
吃了一餐,玩了两次PSP, 小睡了两回。

10:30 hrs Singapore Time
05:30 hrs Doha Time




08:20 hrs Doha Time

11:20 hrs Doha Time
10:20 hrs Luxor Time

Luxor, 埃及。

cruise view

Frst stop, Karnak Temple.

The majestic avenue f ram-headed sphinxes which leads to the first pylon of the temple of Karnak. The ram headed sphinx is a symbol of the god Amon ( identified with the ram ) who protects the pharaoh, show between the beast’s front paws.

After that, we check in to the cruise which we gonna spend 4 nights…

cruise at Edfu

Next, Luxor Temple.

luxor ticket

Luxor, the great city of Thebes, for centuries capital of the empire, famous the world over and called by the Greeks “Thebe of the hundred gates”, began its decline in 672 B.C. when it was sacked by Ashurbanipal.In early centuries of the Christian era, Coptic churches sprang up admdst the ruins, followed by mosques, with the formation of new villages.





day 1 dinner



day 2 breakfast

The Valley of the Kings

king of valley ticket

In times past this terrifying gorge stood as a place apart from life on earth, set in the midst of sun-burnt rocks. Yet the images man left in its depths are still there, testifying to a world where dignity ad respect reigned, and which gives us food for thought.

king of vallies board 2king of vallies map

king of vallies

king of vallies model

2nd day lunch

The Temple of Hatshepsut

temple of queen hatshepsut 1

This marvelous complex can be seen easily thanks to the restoration works still in course. Created by the architect Senmut, a worthy heir to Imhotep who ad lived 1200 years earlier, it is of great importance in the story of human achievement.

Ice cream! Even when it cost S$6 a piece … And their very own diet coke, Coke Zero!


Colossi of Memnon

This is what the famous stautes of Amenophis III ( Amenhotep ) are called. They are the last remains of the immense mortuary temple bilt at the beginning of the 14th century B.C., a sort of outpost in fertile land of the necropolis which lay behind.

colossi of memnon

Dinner time…
2nd day dinner

Rest and Relax on board the cruise…


to be continue… … 🙂

16 thoughts on “From Egypt, with love…”

  1. Cool man, your photography skills really not bad huh, the lunch and dinner like got a lot of meat leh, not much vege choices over there? What are some of the activities in the cruise? Want to consider going Egypt next yr 🙂

  2. I’ve been to the exact same places that you went 2 years back.. so the pictures does bring back memories. But the food you took, way past our expectations. Did you try their shish kebabs? 3 EP for one i think, YUMMILICIOUS. Oh btw, did your guide to The Temple of Hatshepsut tell you that another way to remember the temple was by “Hot Chicken Soup” ? haha, Hope you get to go to abu simbel, it was marvellous 🙂

  3. helllooooo, my oh my. you must be enjoying yourself. glad to hear you’re doing fine there:D
    so many pictures and interesting facts and knowledge. worthy trip eh?
    hahas you careless leave things behind. next time check before you leave laaa….[:
    the cruise seem relaxing. LOL anywayyy, hope you get to see some ral live mummies soon
    and the food there seems sooooo temptingggg!
    looking forward to your updates. takecareeeeeee

  4. Wow.. Im amazed by all the pictures.. Not only look good, it also make me wanting to make Egypt my next choice of holiday… Your skills real good!! Hmmm.. What brand are u using.. Can share? Hope is my company brand….

    ( canon70 – 🙂 – from 22 )


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