Bon Voyage!

Alright, after all the rushing and packing…

trip 003

I’m leaving for Egypt!

And you know what’s the best part for today’s preparation? One of my dear friend pass me a Apple MacBook! hahahahahaha…..

trip 002

I’ve been thinking of getting this cool Macbook for quite sometime already. So, the timing is just right… I’ll have a good 10 days to try it out 🙂

With both Macbook and PSP, my trip will never be bored…

And of course, if I manage to get internet access, I’ll try update you guys how’s my trip along the way…

Last but not least, I’m NOT bringing my handphone!


Who says without handphone I’ll die… prove to you guys this round!

26 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!”

  1. woah macbook look damn cool leh! u put cross like dat on the hp means u can live without hp but not without mac and psp? anyway howcome ur friend so nice one? my macbook is old liao, u think ur friend can lend one to me too? hahahahaha

  2. Erm.. won’t that be risky? What if there’s an emergency and you need to make a call? Here’s hoping that the crew brings theirs along. LoL!! =P

    ( nope, not on a working tip… so no crew! haha – from 22 @ Doha )

  3. Wow.without handphone will not die..really?..haha..i will see when you die..joking. ^^ If me without handphone..confirm die. Have a nice and SAFE trip..haha. ^^

  4. i was trying 2 stare at e screen 2 figure out what version of mac u ar using, omg! is leopard.. good stuff!!! have fun!.. egypt, only got camels lucky you brought good entertainment..

  5. HUH!!! No HP??? No way! I’m one of those ppl who cannot live without HP. But seriously, I think you should bring yr HP along for safety reason… Really…

    Anyway, do have an enjoyable trip there, and bring back loads of pics!


  6. i tot all the more u need a hp when u’re overseas. well, unless the ppl ard u are bringing theirs.
    and, imac and macbook are 2 diff things… imac is de super nice desktop pc… -___-“

  7. gahhh dasmond. hope you’re there safe and sound. your phone same as mine, haha:D
    anyway lucky guy la you. travel, macbook and psp. certainly will NEVER be bored. haha when are you coming back??
    and yess updates updates! haha we need updates and pictures. whats the weather like?
    do take care okay? egypt should be interesting.
    enjoy yourself and finally, a break for you[:

  8. hp!!!haha…….ok ok..good luck!!

    have fun in Egypt!!!
    must get the magnet back!!!i got alot!keke…
    and cups too!their cups is very colorful!!
    cups cost USD5dolar…

    for ladies can get the shawl.each cost USD2dolar..

  9. Why don’t you bring your handphone? scared overuse or people disturb you when you are enjoying your trip there?

    Well…take care and enjoy =)

  10. WOW! COOL! A WISH COME TRUE MAN!!!!!FINALLY CAN GO EGYPT! HEHE! LOL I get what u mean by don’t bring handphone so no distraction,can enjoy urself to the fullest! =) hehehe!!!! after all the hardwork,time for u to enjoy!

  11. man ur phone is the one i intended to get but ended up in w580i :s it looks so cool ya~ as cool as iBook! lol
    enjoy your trip to the fullest ~ awaiting lotsa pics post up soon~ 😀
    bon voyage!


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