No Cats please…

While I was surfing on the net… I came across Andy’s site… And one of his post proves my stand again.
Rats won’t like Cats.
Listen to the way their whining and look at the way they fight… Arrg….

They manage to take a video. And their conversation was rather entertaining I feel.. ha.

Nice one Andy! πŸ™‚

[youtube 0ltjC2hlcRo]

17 thoughts on “No Cats please…”

  1. Hi θ£ε°‘οΌŒ


    Allow me to share some brief but useful info –

    Why community cats fight? When there are new cats invading their territory. Most of the times, the unsterilised cats will be more ‘gungho’ than the sterilised one.

    But cats will avoid fighting at all cause, as cats are actually not very brave animals. Thus, they ‘whined’loudly, arched their backs to ‘inflate’ their body size, attempting to threaten the opponent off.

    Most experienced cat owners are familiar with the different ways of preventing cat fights, and in an easy and humane manner.

    But if you have never handle any cats before, but wish to prevent a fight, you can do so, but please do it in a humane manner too –

    – when chanced upon cats in ‘face-off’ situations (meaning ‘whining’), keep your distance, but trigger a sudden loud noise like clapping, stamping your foot, or dropping a stack of books.
    – If it doesn’t work, try pacing towards them (but never less than 2 feet away), clapping loudly and talking loudly at them, a good word is “Ooei”, repeat it like some angry auntie when telling off kids. If still doesn’t work, I suggest you leave them alone and walk away.

    At no point should anyone attempt to separate a cat fight by throwing things at them (that’s animal abuse) or with your bare hands (that’s self abuse).

    Hope this info help.


  2. HAHA DASMOND!I knew very well that u hate cats alot!!!Hahas i found out many things about u lah! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Don’t be naughty hor!!!! See u again soon ay NP yummy hunt! =)

  3. ok la. im a rat, 12 years younger than you are but i love cats a lot. small ones like domestic cats to big ones like cheetah and tigers. i can never resist playing with a cat whenever i come across one on the streets. some of the, very manja, very cute, some attitude and bo chup you. =]

  4. More lor-sor-ness … a bit only …

    In case I wasn’t clear enough earlier, only attempt to prevent catfight at the ‘face-off'(whining) stage. If they’re already fighting, just leave. They will soon separate.

    That’s all. ;>

  5. yeah… dasmond dun be turned off by those meows meows. they are basically harmless and very lovable. i have 2 pet kitties and they are the reason why i look forward to going home everyday πŸ™‚ But maybe you are a dog person lah…

  6. wow….the sounds look like a baby crying lehh…
    haha!i dun like cats too.unless they are like small small one harmless one then i like. ((:
    actually i like all kinds of animals like dogs,hamsters,rabbits etc.even small amazing creatures i also say ‘they are soooo cute!!!!!!’
    haha! =DD

  7. o… the whining is so creepy… i almost can hear it every night at my back yard like a baby is crying…. damn noisy especially when the male one hook up the female one….or during the Hungry gost month….


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