I didn’t know that a simple thought can spin off to such extend… ha. Thanks for all the responses. I’ll be working on the mail maybe after this Sunday, when I got more time. So, this means that most prob I’ll have to close the ‘registration box’ after tonight? since Christmas is only a week … Read more

Back to work!

After a good break, I’m back to work! Apart from all the imaging and prep for Sheng Shiong show and tomorrow’s Star Awards – Drama 25th anniversary, it’s Campus Yummy! ( I actually wanted to touch up our dear camerman, papa Yong’s hair… but I think no need la… guess he would rather have us … Read more

Campus Yummy @ NUS

I’m counting down to the date of departure, for my Egypt trip. 9 more days to 24th of Nov. I ate quite a bit today. Started with Indon style chicken rice, soup, brownie, spaghetti, vegetable salad etc… I wanna put on weight! Kinda behind schedule already… suppose to put on 5kg 2 weeks ago… Now … Read more

What's Up?

The past few days had all been Campus Yummy’s Day. You must have heard this… One of the job of being an artiste is to wait. For quite awhile I’ve not been doing so… Until this few days. Wait Wait Wait… and still Wait… Felicia and I can spend a good 1 hr plus in … Read more

Campus Yummy!

It’s almost time to start our filming… next next Tue and Wed (30th and 31st), think if I’m not wrong, we’ll be heading to Singapore Poly. Executive producer Meiling, producer Meishan, assistance producer Dewei, costume designer, photographer all working real hard, trying to get everything in the right place before we commence our filming next … Read more