Campus Yummy @ NUS

I’m counting down to the date of departure, for my Egypt trip. 9 more days to 24th of Nov.


I ate quite a bit today. Started with Indon style chicken rice, soup, brownie, spaghetti, vegetable salad etc… I wanna put on weight!


Kinda behind schedule already… suppose to put on 5kg 2 weeks ago… Now look even skinnier due to the new hairstyle… Hai… How to find the extra kg?

This is a special tissue pack our promo department done for us, cute huh?


Some funny things happened during the 3 days shoot of Campus Yummy in NUS.

1st, we met a guy in one of the canteen who had 6 eggs in a meal! But wait, he didn’t take the yolk, so he’s safe… 😉

eat egg

Today, after we’ve shot one of our links in the open space…


and retreat back to the canteen, the tree sudden collapse! Breaks into 2…Leaving only the lower part of the trunk on the ground…


The cracking sound before the fall of the tree was so loud that it attracts everybody’s attention in the canteen… and being quite kay-po, I immediately took out my camera… ha


40 thoughts on “Campus Yummy @ NUS”

  1. are those quail eggs he had? they look so puny! or are those the yolk?? omg.

    ( Those are the egg yolk that he specially took out.. ha – from 22 )

  2. hi dasmond, was waiting for u to update ur blog… saw u at the ritz hotel that night, and u took photo with my cousins… haha… was wondering if u want the pics? take care

  3. Ha! Saw you and felicia yesterday @ Munchi Monkey. Both of ya looked gorgeous. Kekeke.. It’s just too bad that I never went up to take a pic with you guys.. Just too shy.. (X_X)

    I’m sure you will be able to gain that few Kgs after the campus yummy programme. NUS food is not bad right!! Hahaha..


  4. Hey Das,
    When is the next shoot?I am aware that fel is away today till next tues,then U also going to meet the Mummy in 8 days…then where are the location over the next few weeks?

    ( Next Wed and Thurs will be doing NP 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. i just came back from egypt, it’s really amazing to see the hieroglyphs , pharoah , pyramids,the nile cruise.Dun forget the mummies room at the egyptian museum.You must study the history of egypt so that you can understand and be amazed by the sceneries and the carving etc. Enjoy the trip to the LAND OF PHAROAHS. You will hear $1 dollar $1dollar along the way, hello my friend, where are you from etc, remember to bring pens and you get discount when you want to slash the prices for the things you intend to buy.If you sit the nile cruise , join the galabiyya nite, its fun.
    Bon Voyage and hear many ha bi bi……….

  6. cannot juz eat more de.. must go exercise den will can put on weight.. haha.. unless u juz want fats to accumulate in ur body! haha.. anyway, nice working with ya! did u get the photos??

    ( Bao Lai!!! you found my site… ha. I know la, but stil muz eat more mah.. yeap, got the photos. Thx.. 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. -_____-” knew u gonna say my chinese name out.. thanks lor.. fine, shall juz use it den.. haha..

    haha.. was browsing though it yesterday liao.. had to see the entry on the 四大保姆 mah! haha.. tat entry was witty and interesting! =)

  8. hey i noe an idea to gain weight……… mass gainer….it is a thing that help u gain weight…coz i see my bro buy …so i tell u


    Thank you for your commenttttt I’m so suprised and excited at the same time. LOL! nice t meet ya @ SP for 2 times (: both Hey! gorgeous & the Campus Yummy!

    & dont you worry i wont use ur picture as target board! i dont even dare show tt pic cos i was tooooo ugly inside! but you definitely look good, dont worry! 🙂


  10. You going to Egypt? Cool!! Take more photo around there and in the pyramid too. Egypt is one of the country that I have always wanted to go to.

    Haha..something to share with you. Dunno if you know it or not because most people only see the pyramid at Giza as just another triangular shape building. But it is far more than that.

    In fact, the whole world of wisdom lies on that building!! Its 4 edge is pointing at the direction of North, South, East and West, n when u look up, the position of the three pyramid at giza is mirroring the stars in the heaven at the same location too. The stone is also tightly packed together that no paper can go thrugh it. And the most amazing thing is about the measurement of the pyramid.

    Various measurement meant various thing.
    The length of the 4 wall add up together is 36, 524 inches. Which = 365 days. Modern science tell us that a solar year is 365.24 days

    The exact height of the pyramid 5,449 inches is the average height of land above sea level as well.

    N if u bring food into the pyramid…dun worri tat it will turn bad cause it will be preserved. ^^

    Well…a lot more things la.

    Hope u enjoy urself over there n hope I also can go there some day.

    See ya

    ( WOW… really very interesting info… 🙂 – from 22 )

  11. Hi Dasmond,

    Nice to meet you and felicia…enjoy a lot during the filming at NUS…hehe

    I have a wonderful time tat dae…hope to see you and felicia at my school…=)

    It’s really great meeting you and felicia…=)

  12. hi dasmond!~
    omg!i love your show esp the Hey!Gorgeous.. im nt singaporean so i didnt know dat programme b4 dis bt nvm.. juz love it now hhahaha
    hope u to see u again b4 i leave sg (although i know its really hard) =)

    u might nt rmb me bt im the girl who ordered yong tau fu from u in NUS science canteen

    take care n god bless~

  13. going egypt?
    maybe exchange some pointers with yanzi =pp

    do u know how long a hen takes to haf 6 eggs?
    the guy killed 6 chicks-to-be at one go ar..

    p.s does he eat like tt everyday?

  14. Gaining weight? Eat more carbs! *grin* Eat supper…tons of biscuits or something. It works hehe…and exercise builds muscle, which is heavier than fat, so you might wanna try that as well. =) Good luck and enjoy your trip!

  15. hello desmond, saw ur blog from fengjie’s blog. n read that you’re in egypt by now.. hope u enjoy ur trip..

    btw, the pix above, got 1 guy in orange. who’s he?

  16. hey dasmong.when u going me send my regards to felicia alrights?? as i’ll probably be in hawaii or in american lia0x..on a hoiliday..hmm…siianz ar..cant see fel..anyway will be leaving this thurs 30th nov..and coming back on 13th dec.lia0x..lucky back bef0re star awards..heng arhx..lalalalas..anywya MUST SEND MY REGARDS TO EHR AND TELL HER I’LL MISS HER DE!! and help em say `SORRY’ that i’m unable to see her on 1 dec.psps..k lahs..its 3.38am now..gonna slp lai0x..take care yeahs..will miss her lahs!! dotszZz


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