Hey! Gorgeous @ SIM

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We carried out the Hey! Gorgeous search at SIM yesterday!

sim crowd 1sim crowd hostsim crowd 3

Meeting to discuss the 6 finalists…
sim meeting

Here they are, the gals…
sim gals

The guys….
sim guys

And, some fun moments with Fiona, Ben and Julian…
SIM FUN 1sim all 4SIM FUN 2


p/s: The guy in the centre is Herbert, a friendly chap who has taken a couple of nice pics for us, check them out!

DJ6 copyF4 copyD4 copyBJ1 copyBF2 copyB6 copy

30 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ SIM”

  1. ahhhhh!!!!!!
    why go SIM shoot just when I din go school for fyp(final year project) ytd???
    haiz. missed the NP once, now SIM 2nd time. sigh.
    yeah, btw, I’m fr NP.. just that the area I’m in is super close to SIM.

  2. Hi dasmond~great to see you in school that day. Too bad didnt get to take a photo with u. Still remember me? I talk to u at the atrium, haha.

    SIM got more shuai ges & mei nus! But all gone into hiding, i guess. Lolx!~Nevermind, you guys put in alot of effort le. Do take care, & hope to talk to ya soon. By the way, i’ve left my msn email, haha =P


  3. to YS Studio:

    That’s not Julian. (: Just some dummy. seen it many times on my way home alr. almost everyday also have one. u’ll see it at the dustbin of the lift lobby at lv 2 or 3, depending.

    I just dun understand why they throw such a big dummy in that dustbin. it’s like one dummy in the dustbin = 50% of the space gone liao.

  4. how come nowadays u dun blog in advance telling us when, where n who will be going to the tertiary institutions for hey gorgeous?

    is it not allowed?

  5. free – no lah, they very late then inform me mah… so I no time to blog… haha. Will go after pdtn team from this week onwards to keep u guys inform. 🙂

  6. Actually its kinda obvious which girl won… Take a look at the picture that’s taken with Herbert…

    In the background u can see the stage.

    Then TADA~

    U see the girl in green being crowned! (:

    So…. I think she shd be that winner…

    As for the guy…. its quite easy to see its M2..


  7. omg… i miss the shoot….aiyo why the 3rd guy was selected? shud have better guys gua… emm… the SIM DMS students was on holiday lo.. if not i think Hey gorgeous wil b able to find more mei nv and shuai ge.. Lol..

  8. Hey hey…I feel that this show how come choose those low standard guys and gals leh..They does not belong to the handsome and chio catergory…Next time can find from the streets also better than those in the school that you all had found…I think those really so call yan dao and chio babes are hiding in one corner shy to face the camera…Left only those not good standards dare to face the camera…

  9. wah.. e F1 is my og cum lect mate lehs.. hope she wins!!! ahaha.. as for guys, i think can find bta ones.. mayb coz some were havin their breaks..

  10. Sighz..SIM got even more handsome guys than the 3 of them…but why must it be them???Gosh!!~~~
    WHy are all the handsome Guys in SIM hiding??
    ANyone agrees with me??

    I’m from SIM,I saw u(Dasmond)on stage with the rest,I wanted to stay to see u..but the moment I saw the 3rd guy in Black dancing and talking, I just couldn’t make myself stay any longer….Yuckiez!!

    Anyway, Dasmond, I saw u few times either in Tampines or else where, u were always very frenly,u smiled and waved back…

    Thanx…Idolize u lotsa!! hee~~

    Take care

    ( You’ve hit the KEY word of the month! saying ‘idolize u-which is referring to me…’ had won you a $10 voucher. Please collect it from the booth outside mediacorp reception’s female toilet… lol… – from 22 )

  11. hey rong shao!!
    sincerly frankly honestly, i dun tin e “gorgeous” tat u guys manage2 seek are tat “gorgeous” aft all..juz sumhow felt tat der could haf been beta candidates, u get wat i mean..no underlying statement lah..


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