Hey! Gorgeous @ SMU

4b web

Yeap! the 4 of us were at SMU today. Filming Hey! Gorgeous … hunting high and low for babes and hunks…

smu crowd 2 websmu crowd 1 web
And, the contestants we hv narrowed down are…
smu guys websmu gals web

It was another very hot day ( remind me of TP filming… we had joy, we had fun, we got sunburn under the sun… ;( )

4a web

But end of the day, we still look cool and gorgeous… LoL….

After that, I got back to the studio to film my new variety show, Star Awards Prelude, look out, will be telecast on Channel 8 in Oct.

【星光隧道】: 10月18日起,每逢星期四,晚上8点

star awards prelude web

prelude 5     prelude 4

30 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous @ SMU”

  1. rong shao! jus wanna ask, for the RP de, u all will be staying there to film dao wad tym? o.o cuz i wanna go badly D:

    ( till ard 4pm… 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. I believe this is the 1st time i dropped comment here…I am here almost every post u enter…

    Wah…All Pink Except Ben The Extra one…
    Looks like fun!!!

    ( ya! 3 of us from TP, we try to outcast him! Ahahaha – from 22 )

  3. Heard about ur blog thru Let’s shoot when mum was watching the show. Besides monitoring stock market when i’m on internet, now i get a chance to catch up with tv prog i’ve missed thru ur blog. Interesting…

  4. e words on ben’s shirt is pink though .. haha ..
    rong shao ! u oso fr tp ar .. din know .. i oso fr tp leh (3rd yr now) .. muz call u xue zhang le .. haha =P
    enjoy watching ur hosting .. jia you !

  5. hey, to anyone who knows the answer. is it true that the special guest (i.e. Michelle Chia from SMU) for weekly’s Hey! Gorgeous graduated from that particular school? URGENT! THANKS! (:

    ( u didnt read wat I reply in 1 of the comment huh? Michelle Fiona and me are all from Temasek Poly 🙂 – from 22 )

  6. you rock bro! i love the way you speak. Very fluent and eloquent. You still look great though u lost alil weight =)

    how heavy are you anyway? i am kinda thin as well..u look just right

    ( fluctuate btw 63 to 64kg normally… now approx 58,59… sian… ah – from 22 )

  7. oh ok 😀 thanks lots 😀 means i will be able to make it to see u & MiLuBing from my school to RP le 😀 yay 😀 thanks lots lots, hahas.

  8. hey dAsmond,

    1st time post comments here..

    you look good in pink…
    and btw, ur good friend cruz de chinese middle name u write sala liao..


  9. with michelle n fiona around, other girls all look plain. Esp michelle, sexy n pretty. always looks good in all occasions. Also admire she for her affections towards her bfriend.
    真是个有情有意的美女. Does she has a blog? thank u.
    Dasmond,u too slow already if not how nice if u match up w michelle.
    happy working, stay healthy, cheerful n handsome always. jia you!

  10. crikes, we were whincing for you guys ( the hosts ) and the contestants when you all filmed in TP because the sun wasn’t forgiving at all!

    anyway, the first photo of 4 of you guys looks bril, if contestants looked like that we would be sitting glued to our TVs. You guys definitely look good!

  11. Hey Dasmond You all look great in Pink =p Did not knew you had a blog till you mention in the talk show =D Shall be reading yr blog entries form now on.. I still remember you hosting radio talk shows =D which accompany my school nights last time.. GOod luck with yr work and take care

  12. ha i enjoyed watching this show as well. and i will say not becos of the so call hunks and babes. i am very sure those you all got on stage r not the best of the lot.
    The hosts have gd chemistry together. Even guest host always seem to gel in perfectly, that shows u all really r out having fun, being candid and talking lotsa nonsense. it is esp really fun seeing Fiona talking cock and being nonsense.

  13. Just wondering the M3 win the contest or not? Really hope that u can give me the answer. Thanks

    ( ha… not suppose to tell the result before the show goes on air… 😡 – from 22 )

  14. hey dasmond , does fiona xie have a blog ? i;m an ardent fan of her , i think that she’s simply gorgeous . And also her skin is so flawless , really want to ask her abt her skin care regime 🙂 hehe and ya i think u look quite dashing also 🙂


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