Slimming Anyone???

Slimming Slimming Slimming….
Just when the whole world busy talking and discussing on how to slim down. I have this piece of news to tell ya before I leave for work…

For the past few days, 8 out of 10 person who had met me will ask me… ‘ Hey! You slim down quite a lot huh?’

‘Is that so?…’
I decide to check on this issue this morning.
Without me realising, I’ve actually lost abt 4-5kg over the past 2 weeks! This is terrible… I dun know how I did it, and its definitely not something I wan…
I know a lot of you out there gonna kill me for this… lol

Target for the next 2 weeks = PUT ON WEIGHT!

For those who wanna see how I look now after my mysterious slimming session. Here’s the picture I took with Kym while we were filming Star Awards 2007 Prelude show yesterday…
Can tell I lost weight? 😉

dasmond $ Kym

34 thoughts on “Slimming Anyone???”

  1. Viewing those pictures of yours in your blog u do look much slimmer now especially your facial features. Well honestly speaking guys should have more “meat” if you have a buff to show off still. Hmmmmm.. are u saying u gonna gorge on food?!? Going on a food spree? Hahaha:P

  2. No offences. However, if I did not remember wrongly, you did ask xiaxue to link you up on her blog while she was on shooting just shoot 3 with you guys.

    Honestly, I personally feel that you shouldn’t even be riding on her fame(in the cyberworld), if you don’t even respect her and her indites. I mean, if you don’t really think highly of her attitude(which I think it’s fab!), you shouldn’t even have requested to get your link on her blog!!?

    Such a big contradiction, isn’t it? 😉

    ( was casual chit chatting in the show, and to highlight on time factor… we film 1st, then she blog, then I read it, then I blog. Got it? 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. YES u reali slim down.. yesterday i was chit chat with frenz and watching hey! gorgeous suddenly our topic change to ‘itzz dasmond slim down liao’.. yup this pict ur face look smaller abit.. hmm reali gonna kill u, in 2week can slim so mani kg.. EAT mOrE must PUT on weight haha and take care.. 🙂

  4. hihi..somtimes due to heavy work load, we lose weight w/o gain weight, kp eating but rem when to stop, haha..if nt one mth dn e road, we see a F.A.T. RongShao


  5. hmm.. the face sharper bah
    haha. think u too busy to notice your drop of weight..
    but slimmed down also not bad ah. shuai shuai de rong shao. =)

  6. I watch Channel U show 8pm that you look the same to me leh where got lose weight leh..
    maybe u got too much work to do and eat as normal does not exercise also can lose weight..
    but losing like that also meaning kind of sickness leh hence be careful dun play play

  7. Hi. If you know any tips to put on weight and with healthy meals, do share w me. My weight has nvr increase since so many years. After out to society to work and with parttime study, my weight will only decrease, since then nvr increase liao. And so many years, pple will say one thing:”Can I transfer some of my fats to you?”. I said “If only you can do it, I dun mind.” Haha… 😉

  8. dasmond!!lols. ya can tell u slimmed down leh!
    i also want to slim down lor!!!
    how u do that?? lols must be ur hectic work schedule rite? haha..

    omg u wan to put on weight -.-!!!!!

    if i can slim down i wouldnt want to put on weight.. boo hoo


    but dasmond u
    jian kang jiu hao, ok?
    hehe =]

  9. Hi Dasmond, guess it have to be ur hectic work schedule that causes u to lose weight unknowlingly.

    Try having late supper (after midnite), sure to put on a few pounds.. I had being thru the test and it worked on mi. Used to have late supper ( n heavy type too) when i was out roaming in the night and did put on weight.. kekee…..


  10. Not much difference, I guess you just look a lil frail? Wrong word, but something like that. Haha yeah I feel like slaughtering you, but it’s not your fault.. Did you like, overwork or something? I want to lose weight too!

  11. Dearest Dasmond,
    I guess all of us got a shock when u lost so much wt…Work is work, but still must take care of ur own health hor! Drink more full cream milk like baby lor

  12. ok lei, still so handsome what. haha.

    but please put on weight lah, it’s scary to know the fact that a guy is just slightly heavier than me or worse, maybe the same or lighter than me! I’m so traumatised!

    fastest(but unhealthy) way to gain weight = constantly have pratas for supper and plop into bed immediately!

  13. (un)fortunately, i dont see much a diff. but wad’s with the mid-air-hair? (not saying it’s nice or ugly)

    ( a gust of strong wind came by when taking this picture… lol – from 22 )

  14. anon
    -> don’t be so harsh
    dasmond is definitely NOT RIDING on xx’s fame
    its just like a talkshow kinda thing so its like just casually chatting wad…

    not trying to say u or wad but don jump into conclusions when u don even noe.. 🙂

  15. yo
    hmm . i think you better eat more food , and led a healthy lifestyle .
    you are so slim already , if you go slimer you will be underweight already.. and it is not good for health .
    stay healthy!
    take care !


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