21 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous… where we will be :)”

  1. Hey Gorgeous is finally coming to RP le, isit the last stop for the filming?

    Anyway, looking forward to it…

    Hope to see you there, Dasmond =)

  2. hello rong shao! Thanks for updating. I am a milubing supporter and coincidentally, I’m a student from RP. 10am is quite a good timing, cos we will be having our morning break (it’s from 9.30am to 10.30am). So many will be at canteen liao. Which means, canteen is a good place to look for beaus and babes. You guys can go to library too. But then 10.30am we will be back in class again, before we go for our lunch break at 11.30pm. Well, I wonder what will be the arrangement on that day. haha. hopefully I’ll be able to catch you guys WITHOUT being captured by the camera. haha.

    So yeah, looking forward to seeing you guys next Friday. Have fun searching =D!

  3. why nat on 28 sep!! so sad i think i cant watch tt week on wednesday i have 1st paper of psle sigh wish i allowed to watch:) maybe can watch on youtube haha thanks for update

  4. wahs. soo good D: milubing going RP & dat means Mui Ling u can see them D: hais. i wanna go RP too~~~ i wan see milubing D: hais.
    anyways, thx rong shao for updating it (:

  5. why SP on friday? its a bad timing cos all the students will not be in their respective schools becos there’s GEMs (general elective modules) so it might be difficult.. most classes end very early on friday..

    and im one of those… =((

  6. wahaha… finally! finally going to RP le… been waiting till my hair turn grey 🙂 would surely turn up for school on that day… you should go air conditioned canteen @ W4 level 3… a whole ton of people will be there… looking forward to seeing you dasmond and mi lu bing!

  7. LOok for TAN XIN RU from SP-DBIT. She took part in StarSearch 2007 and appeared in NDP MTV this year. She also appeared in the show “Qing Ni Lai Bian ZHuang”. She was champion in the Pop Culture Dance 2007. Inspiring to be an actress!! =)

  8. i just realised it wont be showed on the 28th cause it is like a fri right! when will it be showing on telly then? or will itnv be showing?

  9. Hi…
    fri 4 SP… most lesson end abt 12pm.. den some of us will hav GEMS modules at other sch at 1 – 3pm…
    but u could try foodcourt 6 at sch of biz (T19)… cos some of e top 3 babes n hunks come fro sch of biz…
    & foodcourt 6 would b a good place if u’re lookin 4 gals… u can try foodcourt 3 or 4 if u’re lookin for guys…
    hope 2 see u on fri in SP…

  10. yay!! finally it’s SP!
    i tot i had missed the episode for SP! LOL..
    was previously from SP..
    so, kinda excited to see which hunks n babe have been choosen from there..

    looking forward to watch the show! =D

  11. don’t bother going to the library in RP, cuz not many people will be there. and remember to bring sweaters or jackets when u guys are coming to RP, as there are practical air-cons ALMOST WHEREVER you go in RP. hahahahhaha!!!

    hope to cya guys then. =)


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