Sometimes a day can just pass off as normal as it could be…
Sometimes surprises do happen.

I was driving near Scotts Road abt an hour back. Suddenly, I could feel that some1 in the car on my right was trying to catch my attention…
I turn my head.. and OMG, it was Sharon Aw! Things surrounding her all turns brighter, the road the sky the tree… πŸ™‚
I couldnt rem when was the last time I see her. at least few years back!


We only exchange a few words, but that was enough to make me feel so good.
For those who wonder how come she’s back in town, she’s having her break, her holiday.

There’ll always be pple we miss, only whether we’re being reminded or not…

30 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. Sharon Aw!!! well i always read her blog to see her life in Japan.. seems so good.. hehex.. i wanna go Japan!!! aiya but hor expenses very high de.. zzz.. great u caught her on road and able to do some catch up! it’s always good to catch up someone whom we long missed yea. (:

  2. ahhhs!
    sharon’s back!
    yup.. there’s so many ppl we meet frens, old frens.. so we muz always rmb to cherish them.
    take care dude! =)

  3. Yap..the feeling of seeing a “long lost” friend is so good. BTW I saw u last sat in Novena sq~ hah.. u are a funny guy. QYF mentioned abt ur blog at I came to see what happened between u n XX..den realised what she said was all related to the blog entry.. “ Dasmondkoh..not” u two are great entertainer =P

  4. hahah….somestimes we will not missed the person due to our various committment…only when the person incidentally pop up in our life, then we remember the small little footprints that the person has left in our lives….i wanna meet my ex pri/sec sch friends…. πŸ™‚

  5. Just as I was sitting in the bus this morning I happened to think about Sharon Au whom I have not heard for the past year. And then I read your blog about you meeting her on a concindental day. Which explains “so qiao ya!” Her wit of humour is well-known here and really miss her laughter… Hope she’s doing great in Japan! πŸ™‚

  6. I believe Sharon missed her family in Singapore. Alone in overseas is never easy. Although I’ve nvr live alone in overseas b4, but I know it’s always the best to be with her family here cos they are her loved one. Treasure them well…. really…

  7. rong shao!!!!!!!!!
    ogenki desu ka?????

    I recognized yr car first, i said to myself THAT’S ZHENRONG!!!And so i gave chase but you were so focused u didnt notice this mad woman waving at u hahhahahaha…

    You are looking good dude!!

  8. Ha… Stupid Sharon, once I get out of the car I text ya already but no reply πŸ™
    Will contact ya thru the email add… :p
    For the rest who wanna check out how our dear Sharon is doing… I’ve linked her blogsite
    q( ‘ – ‘ )p

  9. ?????i really misses sharon…especially when i grew up watching her on the TV!!![i’m currently 16]haha…how i wish i can one day be like her…go abroad after few yesrs of HARD work…wonder if this day would come…haha… 8P

  10. Sleek! to think you would have bump into her in the human ocean (茫茫人桷), to top it of while driving! arnt easy isnt it.

    Nice to know she’s ok. She on my fave list and still is. She’s tough and strong.




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