Human Character

Character is the expression of the personality of a human being, and that it reveals itself in his conduct. In this sense every man has a character

I’ve always been wondering whether human character is born, or its a matter of brought up, or friends surrounding us…

If the quote above is right, such that character is the expression of the personality of a human being, then I guess what I’ve always choose to believe is wrong… We can never mould someone to be the person we want them to be…


So, we’ll just have to lurve each other as who we are…

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  1. Our character will be with us the very moment we are born. Happy or not…
    Nice Picture, is this cute little baby u? little DK… lol… Look at the way he stares… SooOOoo cute

  2. indeed…Some ppl are naturally born wif gd characteristics but some bad….No matter wat, we can try to change ourselves to adapt others…At least we made an effort to try…

  3. Environment influences a person. One changes due to influences from their click of friends or perhaps people they recently got acquainted to. So long as that person is enough to make an impression.

    Try as you might, the obedient child would turned defiant. Don’t be surprised..

    I think it is easier to instill the “right” values to a child than to a teenager whereby he/she had already started to develop a mind of their own. But that would prolly only make them guilty for just a wee bit moment should they crossed beyond the line, before they eventually convinced themselves that “Hey everybody’s doing it, no big deal. C’mon its really common.”

  4. Mayb there are some exceptions in this big whole world. I dun really know which is right. But pple do change for the better. I accepted others’ comments for me. If can change for the better, why not? I can’t really differentiate my own character sometimes cos I have my soft side, strong side, sad and happy sides. So do all these expressions in my life show my actual personality? Hard to tell rite?

  5. Yeah, i do agree about the quote, we are who we are, we do have our own personality and characteristics , sometimes the enviroment influence us alot and they will change 360 degrees, thats where many people say they have change till they dont really know who they really are.As they grow older they tend to change alot. We can never change a person that we want them to be, we had to accept who they are and direct them to the correct path is enough already isnt it ?

  6. I believe a person’s character is both. The result of who God made you to be and your upbringing/environment, especially in your formative years of youth. I once heard from someone that character is 30% nature and 70% nurture. It cannot be entirely nature because then we can just throw moral education completely out of the window. A child picks up much of what he/she knows from people of influence who spend the most time with him/her. We can’t change a person, because they’re not ours to change in the first place. But it does not mean that they can’t change. It just takes effort on their part and they must make the choice to change.

  7. character may be innate … but it can be man-made also; nature vs nurture. environment, upbringing etc can indirectly/directly affect how a child grows into who s/he is. however, it may never necessary reveals the conduct of a person. a person can have two faces: e.g. a veri optimistic side … on the hidden side, a totally diff person whom u might never come to know abt till sth major happens. thus, every man has a character but it does not effectively mean it is an expression of the personality.

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  9. haha… i’ve just watched shoot3 too… wat a way to promote ur blog 😉

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  10. When you talked about characters, Personally I feel that, that is about some unique behavior of a human beings. Eg. Water. Behavior can be “moulded” and influenced by environment. (Gas when boiled, Ice when cold) But when you co-related characters with nature (Ben Xing – 本性) or Mood (Xing Qing – 性情) like H2O, I am telling you that this is in-born. (人之初,性本善) When you are UNhappy, you sad. When you are happy, you smile. No way that you can stop or pretend these acts.

  11. I was at home watching “Shoot 3” in the middle of the night. I am probably catching the repeat telecast I should say, due to studies. I reached home late each day. The show is great…But very Sensitive. At the end of day, at least people’s voices are heard. haha…It’s good. I love the way Quan Yi Feng host also. SO Lame! haha…
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  12. wow.. ur baby photo so cute.. haha.. hmmm it’s hard to change our character.. wad we are is fixed.. we are given these characters.. has bad and good la.. so.. we mus learn to love one another even when we have bads. cos we all will hab our bad characters.. so we mus learn to qian jiu each other. heex.

  13. It’s true that character is difficult to change. Sometimes the environment also makes it difficult to change as you have committments bra bra to tink of … 🙂

    Wat if you have only 1 to 2 years to live, wat will u do ? Will u change completely or give up most of the things in life ? Many people will say try to enjoy life but wat if u can’t even do tat ?

  14. Hi there,
    caught that episode, visted xiaxue’s blog, quan yi fong’s blog and stumbled upon felicia’s thus i got your link. the virtual world is always more audacious, coz even if you offend people directly, what can they do? give and take we always say, but in reality who the fckk can actually do that? all in all, by the break of dawn, mankinds jus bloody screw themselves and the surroundings up. this is when everything gets abused inclusive the rights to just jot down your thoughts on blogger.

    humans are the most complex creatures on this earth. people who blames others for being what they are now are just.. lost. they dont even know what they’re getting themselves into.. at that moment when they’ve decided on this route, they should know and bear all the consequences that comes with it. life is a package, full of shits and surprises, ups and downs, it depends on what and how are you gonna make your life the least flawed of all, compared to others. love yourself before loving others.

    abovementioned are just my very own humble point of view.

    ( I kinda like the way you put it… and ur language… lol… Nice one! – from 22 )

  15. hi dasmond,
    just learnt about your blog url.
    (from the programme shoot3)

    i read the post on “hey gorgeous” and u cited us as being “not-so-interactive”…
    erm we’re not anti-social, i think u just didnt meet the right ppl..hehe.
    it might be just a minority whom you met.
    anyway, i saw you a couple of times in real life,
    i think you’re rather friendly (:

    hmm… reading your blog has made me see a different side of you,a more personal one,and i think you’re as real as can be..its rare to find artistes who are genuine cos fame often, sadly and true enough, gets to their head the moment they get famous. i think you’re different from most stars,in a gd way. (:

    see you on tv soon, cheers! 🙂


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