missing 22hrs

Just when everybody was talking abt the earthquake yesterday (yes, again…)
My site was under AtTaCkEd and down for almost 22hrs!
Alright, I noe some of ya got the url after watching Let’s Shoot! 有话就说!

Now, since you manage to see this, It means I’m back! Alive and kicking… ha
For those who have missed the show 有话就说, featuring Steven Lim and Xia Xue last night, here it is… ( thx Ddesire22, for uploading… 🙂 )

[youtube nK6MMKdaP1o]

[youtube QiPO2ZWAyps]

38 thoughts on “missing 22hrs”

  1. you are right, after the show, i got to know our blog. But i was surprised to see a blank page stating your account is suspended. You forgotten to pay is it?

    ( Mai kns hor… haha… I pay promptly 1 hor…. 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Hi Dasmond,
    Reali njoyed the Let’s Shoot last nite. Nice show!!! Great job and 3 cheers to both u n yifong n also not forgetting all the special guests.

  3. dasmond!! i really support you! you’re really shuai!!! hahaha =x

    i always watch the shows that you are inside hahaha now i sound like a stalker oh gosh =x

    i watched the show between xx and sl.
    and if i ask u, u can only choose one person
    will u choose xx or sl.. i think sl rite? cuz of wad happen of the blog entry lols.

    but… i will choose xx 0.1 percent more lols.. cuz of smth happen… abt sl…i noe him in rl. and.. i don like him and cut off contacts with him already. must beware of him.

    guess WAD


    later my bf scold me =x lols! 😀
    jiayou wor!!

    above all no offence la. =]

    ( you wrong leh… I think I’ll prefer XX more… – from 22 )

  4. ahha wanted to post some comment in defend of xx in the other post cuz everyone were against her so bluntly, but the web shut down on me 🙁 but oh well others said my piece. ^^

    and yeah agreed, sl is definitely much more disgusting. i actually think xx’s not wrong to talk bad about him. im not saying it’s correct but it’s not wrong. X)

    anyway, i think u’re the most objective person in the show. (unlike the two ah peks who shoots really rude questions, no, not questions, remarks, they assumed and accused xx of definite motive in blogging)

    and i really liked you! until i realised in the previous post u dont consider that in a way, u commenting and retaliating what xx blogged about the show is the same as how a normal person(even xx) would want to comment and retaliate after his/her reputation was purposely put on a platform(in her case the tv, in your case her blog) to smear really black ink over. (but, she didnt offend you except for the name part right? but err i think everyone makes mistakes lah huh, most of the ppl thought “dasmond” was spelled with the “E” too anyway. lol)

    and oh yeah i think to those who are anti-xx, ppl support her and actually read her blog on a regular basis is cuz of a few reasons ppl can’t deny.

    1) she is straightforward, says whatever she wants and doesnt act, like other bloggers do.

    2) her content is interesting, even when she didnt quarrel with others. i mean afterall for me, the first entry i read was on some rainbow thing and i thought it was really interesting. so i dont think she’s being controversial to gain popularity.

    3) her language owns many others. though the standard had dropped, but here and there u still get to see some really good linguistic skills of hers. if u read her entries a few yrs back, it’s like reading an article from the newspaper! (which is interesting too!)

    agreed she’s kinda bratty at times but she does have her good points which attracts ppl there. (it’s probably also that brattiness of hers that makes things interesting for viewers) AND, she’s got the courage to stand up for herself.

    ahha, that’s my 2-cents of thought.. kinda long though lol and btw i still support you cuz u’re still one of the most “real” and think before you talk kinda ppl in the media. X)

    ps: hope u’re not offended! x.x

  5. Hi Dasmond,

    I did watch the show too..even ask my brother to catch it together with me and see wat Steven lim & Xia Xue will say..interesting haha..after that I was thinking of viewing ur blog again but was surprised that ur site is suspended and not only urs, it happens to Quan Yi Fong & Bryan Wong’s blog as well and I wonder what is happening..after some time I manage to go into ur blog again..

  6. haha.

    just my two cents worth. (hehe broke already)
    no offence but i seriously think steven lim was deprived of his childhood or sth, thats why he needs constant attention. i was proud to be a singaporean until i knew steven lim exists. i mean, he might be a nice guy underneath all his disgusting antics since i dont know him personally and obviously have no wish to…but i really cant imagine anybody in the right mind who would strip on national tv and make a fool out of himself. hes either dying for fame or just out of his mind. i know this topic is so overdiscussed but i think he just has no sense of shame. not that its necessarily a bad thing also, at least he’ll have no regrets in life, sort of. well,at least hes got guts, though he uses it in a stupid way.

    wow its the first time im publicly posting my views, quite scared actually…will sl hunt me down? haha. u sure our identities will be private hor?

    that aside, i think you host the show well tho sometimes u talk a tad too fast.hehe but still,undoubtedly one of the best hosts we’ve around. (: jiayou!

  7. I dun want to comment on anyone abt the show but want to comment on ur new blog. NICE! More clear and not so messy. Maybe is because of the black background you had last time and some links are out of the alignment. But where are all the links where you linked up the rest of your fellow colleagues and friends? Or I didn’t look clearly in ur blog…???

  8. i miss the show and i thought wont get to see it liao! wahh thanks! can catch it on your blog and i think your site will have a lot of readers from now on.. haha

  9. LoLs ! i already noe long ago le la, when u come over my sch, nyp to shoot the Hey! Gorgeous, heard my friends saying ur blog is very unique LOLS! and even pay ur own webbie, lmao, anyway nice meeting u :X

  10. ya i mean who doesn’t hate/dislike someone?? we aren’t saint..and people who say i don’t have anyone i don’t like is more pretentious…
    i really admire xiaxue to a certain degree…she’s dare to speak…like we always have people retaliating her words…but subconsciously do we dare to say we are not another xiaxue?? think about it…
    and SL is really more disgusting…put the looks aside :S the fact that a “guy” insulting a girl vulgarities and putting on youtube is…so ungentleman..how do you want people to defend for u that u aren’t disgusting…

    lastly..dasmond do keep up your hosting…you’re great, really! and you do make a good hosting pair with QYF 🙂

  11. Well, on the whole, it all depends on the perspective views of the individuals. I do visit their blogs now & then, and just view their enteries as a ‘story’or rather as a form of entertainment like what dasmond had mentioned.
    真真假假,假假真真,it’s just what the society is now.

  12. What happened to your website? Didn’t pay? Hahahah….so i’m not the only person who can’t log in.Here’s my 2 cents worth.
    Did watched the show.And i have to say,it’s really no BIG deal.I really wonder why she have to make a BIG mountain out of a molehill? Guess she like being controversial.
    And…your site will have lots of hits now.No worries! Hahahaha….take care!

  13. hey dasmond, i thought this episode was pretty well done. :DD Many of my relatives asked me how do we young people earn money just by blogging and guess this episode answers their questions. And Let’s shoot has always been a good show. Jiayou!

  14. hello
    how come the post i posted yesterday didnt appear here?
    i hope i didnt say anything i wasnt supposed to..

    hmm. anyway, wats with all the squabbling goin on between the bloggers??

    peace out. (:

  15. hey das,

    regarding this issue man….im totally for you cos i was there for the recording and all. man she really doesnt talk the talk and walk the walk. if you noe what i mean… anyway Salman had already given the assurance to the crew that if on the recording day, Steven were to go balastic, we’ll all go in man… anyway steven’s noe’s he cant’t trifle wif salman man..so no worries….but anyway wat’s over is over bro…a whole new week is a whole new episode of life….

    (neutral XX supporter)

  16. hi hi

    i think i didn’t say anything wrong thou why my post hv been deleted 🙁
    hmm…are u afraid tat yr company will say something???
    since this is yr personal blog n is for u n yr fans who share yr sentiment, hmm…quite dissapointed with the way of deleting some of the post leh…

    ( Post? comment u mean? Being frank, i delete comment only when I find it REALLY inappropriate. but till this moment, i can safely says that I deleted no more than 5 comments in total. I couldn’t rem wat u wrote soi cant comment now… 🙂 – from 22 )

  17. juskawaime :

    LOL.. yes i agree.. lols..
    i cant believe that he actually denied saying that he sprouted vulgarities…

    at least xx is honest lols

    not that i really support her lols

  18. Hey Dasmond, saw this program and found my way here. But I need your help. Or anyone else reading this.

    Could you tell me the URL for the girl who has a blog on affiliate marketing? I’m very interested to see how she does it.


  19. S.L is just seriously a JOKE. Eating his own words here and there. *CRINGE*

    anyway, Dasmond! you are great in this episode! (I’m not saying you are not in other episodes lah), but I guess it’s not quite easy to handle them in an objective way. I’ll probably roll my eyes till I can see my brains if I were to face SL. *CRINGEEEEE*

  20. Hi Dasmond,

    do you happen to have the urls of the guests that appeared on the program?

    Like the gal on marketing
    Cai Shen Jiang’s blog
    Wang Ming De’s blog(if its up:) )

    ( not now… I’d try to get hold of it during the next filming session if I rem @@ – from 22 )

  21. Love your show and did tried to login your site but states that it was suspended!

    Thought that your site was flooded with incoming hits until it hits the roof! Glad to know your site is back again.


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