For Xiaxue

Umm… how to start this…
Okay, I must admit that I feel pretty bad after reading Xiaxue latest entry ( was directed there… ).
I can somehow understand how she feels now.


I’m not trying to sound like a nice guy, nor to stir up anything again,creating hits…
And definitely not trying to win votes from her camp ( ha, check out the comment column in my previous post…)
Just wanna share my thoughts. So read it objectively.
Here we go.

I’m NOT good in my English… C5 for my O’s… ha…
I think I speak better (mandarin, of course), not writing (in English).
I guess I wasn’t able to fully relate what I mean by writing that particular post.
Or have I might have misread her post.

As for her case, it’s the other way round?
Better in writing than speaking?
I started to realize this when comment started pouring in after I publish the post. There are some that actually pointed out this point. True enough, I’m right in front of the camera almost everyday so kinda got used to it. As for her, it’s a totally different story.

Xiaxue mentioned that I did not approve her comment… I try very hard to recall (really, tried very hard…)
I normally approve all comments, even negative ones… unless it’s REALLY bad…
Then I suddenly recall something. *Spam mail*
I got in there and I found it sitting comfortably there. So drama huh?

spam jpeg
This is what she wrote:

Hey Zhen Rong,
It’s XX here – just got directed to your site via a reader. Didn’t know you were a fellow blogger!
Anyway, I just wanted to clarify any sorts of animosity that might have been arisen by my blog entry.
You seem to take the comments I wrote as me taking offense regarding the questions I was asked, but I wasn’t offended, or even the least bit angry.
I was merely stating the facts as to what was asked that day, and I understand perfectly that you and Yifeng’s job is to probe for answers. I knew that when I went on the show it wasn’t going to be easy, and I was the one who chose to go on it anyway.
I like you and Yifeng very much and part of the reason why I went on the show is because I knew you two were reasonable hosts and made everything seem more fun. I’m not sucking up to you, this is what I really feel.
As for people being rude to me, I didn’t wish to say names, but obviously that would have to be Mr Cai accusing me of writing fake content for publicity. It IS rude of him, and anyone will be offended. I wasn’t talking about you or Yifeng.
Lastly, I apologize for spelling your name wrongly!! I’ve always known you as Xu Zhen Rong, and although you never knew this, you have always been my favourite DJ back in 1996 when I was 12 and you brightened my nights with Xian (xuan?) Ge Ji Yi.


There! You reduced me to a little girl again! I can’t believe my favourite ex-dj blogged about me.

All the best!

My apology for the misunderstanding… 🙂

I’m not angry at all about the E and not A in my name, maybe it’s the way I phrase it? 7 out of 10 person would have got it wrong… I merely wanted to point it out to everybody.

We recorded the show, then you blog, then I blog…
I thought being who you are, label as ‘frank’ and ‘straight-forward’, you should be able to take it with a breeze and not ‘rolled eyes, raised eyebrow’ like what you mentioned in your post. But guess I failed to see a point…
Only until the episode was aired, then I realized you’re being ‘attacked’ in a certain way. Under such situation, maybe it’s unfair to expect ya to live up to my expectation. We could have been more sensitive towards how you would feel then…

Just be who you are and blog the way you want. I know your supporters like you simply because of who you are. 🙂

107 thoughts on “For Xiaxue”

  1. omg she got marked as spam. that actually made me laugh out loud! i think you two’ll be cool about this thing after she finds out about your post! take care.

  2. 🙂 We tend to misunderstand others or others will misunderstand us, once a while. But if you know it, clarify and apologies abt it, then shouldn’t be a problem. As I always say, humans are very complicated living beings in this world. So Dun worry too much. She will understand it when reading your blog again here, with your explanation and apologies. My English grade wasn’t good either, D7! But as long as we improve everyday, it will not matter what grade we had the last time, rite?

    The past will not determine the future, agreed? 😉

  3. Since XX is willing to join the Shoot show, so she should be ready for ppl to shoot! Dun kno why she wan to create so many hu-ha..anyway, Dasmond, dun waste ur time to reply her any further comments.

    ==Used to be XX’s fan==

  4. Dasmond i also din noe that ur name has a A instead of a E.. but i just think that u are getting more and more handsome. SERIOUSLY!! u have changed a lot over the years. i mean in terms of lOOKS. Woah… dun worry u still look handsome in tv shows. 😀

  5. haha, no C4s in ‘O’s (or any other of our exams), just B4 or C5. shan’t say anything more about your other mistakes (or hers, for that matter).

  6. Her comment is marked as spam simple because there are perhaps too many urls inside the comment. Thats how those spam killer plugin worked. To prevent such things in future you ought to change the settings of your spam killer. (Prevent misunderstandings etc)

    Anyways, misunderstandings often happens. Most importantly is to make sure you clear them.

  7. I don’t what to say when i saw this topic about her again.

    If I were you I wouldn’t post this to clarified or apologize to her. I will just forget it and let this matter be forgotten by others. I cannot find any reason that there is a need to repeat this topic/pity her of what she wrote. She is not such person who will feel sad about it or even think of the cons after posting a hurtful topic(after reading her past post, feel she kinda thick skin). She only see things from the surface that is why she can post such topic disgusting bloggers (she not even their friends).

    You know, there is pple scolding you in her comment box. (saying you horse face idiot and stuff). It is not right to scold you this way because they support her so much.

    Many support her like as if she is some idol. Sadly Nowadays many people (youngster) follow idol blindly and treat them like a role model. Many feel offended by a small matter. Cannot figure out what is wrong or right.

    Regarding about your written English, I don’t find it that bad, why would someone wanna criticized about it (i assume that pple who criticized your written English can SPEAK PERFECTLY WITH THE LETTER SOUND CLEARLY WHEN THEY PRONOUNCE THEIR WORDS (Letter at the end of every word))

    So stop laughing at someone who can’t speak or write well. Unless you can speak perfectly!

    I am not a supporter of her or the owner of this blog.

    Lastly, someone who think maturely will know who is wrong or who is right (regarding about this matter between you and her)

    keep blogging and stay happy. =)

  8. Somehow I’ve been hoping u’d “do” something about that post… and u finally did! Lol! sounds stupid =P but 现在对你的印象又升回 A liao…


  9. Hey, i read abt your blog thru Xiaxue’s entry. I saw u while u n kym were filming in NUS. Haa..i realised i were in the background of ya pic in ur previous entry. haa..
    Yah, actually i comment cos i wanted to ask how does one be a DJ? I wanted to be one too..Seemed quite fun yea

    Email me to tell me can?

  10. yo pple..time to stop all this liao..ur not tired of it de meh..i rather XX tok abt how to make the world a better place

  11. Your name is HISTORY! Like Xiaxue, she has EX FANS! So now YOU also have EX FANS! Cos not only XX has become one, ME TOO!

    Lame shit! Not a gentalmen~

  12. yea lyss

    i agree with you..

    GIVE ME A BREAK!! shes really very irritating person everywhere here there anywhere is xx xx xx xx

    oh god! even newspaper.

    I am very tired and bored of see her post, hearing my friend saying about her and stuff and her media appearance! Mr koh, kindly ask TCS don’t keep inviting her to any programme.

    very very very sickening, esp there are dumb dumb people who support her while she doing the wrong thing/twisting her words! (brainless)

    HONESTLY! blogging is just a diary not shooting others.

    who cares! damn.

  13. Peace…say it with me…Ommmm…..

    Xiaxue, Zhengrong, time to drop the matter and move on. There are better things out there to blog about than harp on it again.

    What’s next on the horizon? Hmmm…..

  14. ohh..
    okay, i that’s the case.
    at least it’s good to noe that both parties dun hold a grudge against each other.
    yup. and i agree that we should juz be ourself and blog wad u wanna say..if not, it isnt a blog liao lor. take care alright! =P

  15. heyhey! to jasmine Lah, im called jasmine too! X) haha share the same sentiments sumore.. X)

    anyway.. yeah.. seriously.. ur tone changed so much from the previous post.. sounds rather hypocritical this time..

    was quite shocked she actually liked u so much too.. and yea agreed the msg she sent u was so sweet!

    so.. i hope u mean your last line.. otherwise i’d hate u for hurting her so much.. x.x

  16. Hi dasmond,

    i just read XX blog.. i really can’t stand her at all.. always acting as if she noes alot of things and alot of media ple. so wat if she noe fann wong’s sister. she is even prettier than her in so many ways.

    She always tink wat she said are right..even scolding old ple and looking down on them, as if she wont get old in future.

    I like mr cai shen jiang and mr huang ming de comments most of the time. So wat if mr cai is from the same sec skl as her. If she is capable to become a successful media person like mr cai, she wont be sitting there as being INVITED! Imagine people scolding you with vulgarities in your blog, would u feel happy. She should learn how to respect herself before critising ple.

    Wat mr cai said are the FACTS. she just dun dare to ADMIT IT! I dun tink mr cai can be bothered to read her blog.. and it is obviously so fake that she said you are one of the DJ she like and brighten up her poly days. super fake.. i dun even noe why there are ple giving her comments in her blog and agree with wat she say sometimes.

    do u tink xiaxue would take note of those ple that say that they love her and would hate dasmond for hurting her. i dun tink she will coz she can’t be even bothered to recognise you..

    everyone of us have this “hypocrite” side.. but she is the most hypocritical person i ever seen!

    Oh pls XX, dun tink your blog is so great can. Some ple blog are better than yours but they want to publicise themself like YOU!

    I tink mr cai or anyone else blog or any other star blogger have better blog than hers!

    Zhen Rong continue to jia you ok! 🙂

  17. no time to ponder abt nitty-gritty stuffs liao..mei shi jian liao..MM Lee worrying abt ice poles melting liao…he gettin pensive liao.. ur stil down here discussing nitty gritty tings…haiyer…tsk tsk tsk…

  18. wa..100 over comments for XX latest blog many bad comments for 22 sia…better b careful nextime man..even though u din hv any bad meanings in ur words,theres always pple who wil misunderstand..n when pple misunderstand,their impression of u wil drop..n it wil b harder 4them 2change back liao.. seems like the spilled milk is reali spilled until v jialat

  19. Yay great it’s cleared up!

    I’m sure XX and you didnt mean it in a bad way, must have read each other wrongly. Glad that it’s all cleared up! Hope XX is cheered up!


  20. *SIGH* Seriously, I must say. Blogs are EVIL.

    Being a fan of yours(still is), I’m really hurt seeing you being attacked after ignorant idiots started to flock here.

    The tone of both blog entries of XX and Dasmond’s are already rather harmonious. If anyone interpret them as hypocritical or sacarstic, I guess it’s time to brush up on your comprehension skills.

    People say things according to THIER MOOD. Do you say things in the exact same tone throughout your entire life? how weird.

    And for people who can stop being a fan of someone so easily just because of a mistake he/she made, I suppose you shouldn’t call yourself one in the very first place.

    YES, this is a comment box, you can quote freedom of speech and you can say “whatever” you wish, but please stop abusing it! Before you claim your rights for FREEDOM OF SPEECH, check up what moral and ethical values are first.

    Anyway, don’t worry Dasmond, things will die down and move on. Hopefully, this simple and harmless blog of yours won’t attract anymore unwanted attention after this incident.

    At least your chinese is far more superior than most people and I guess what’s more pathetic is someone who can’t master any of the 2 languages, let alone a chinese who can’t speak mandarin well.

    Really hope you won’t get too affected by those sickening comments because you still have your supporters. =) PEACE

  21. blog is the way to let ppl write up their feeling…
    sometimes ppl also come to scold me.. but no matter wat i still blog about it.. this is my style… i knew xiaxue blog when i start blogging.. very nice blog.. but my english..wakkakaa… at least i understand wat she blog. 😛

  22. I came to a conclusion that there are some people who uses method like this to further create dramas.

    Sigh… It’s a shame because I still enjoy writing in this little cyber space of mine and the last thing I want is for my words to be misconstrued.

    I’d prefer to say nothing significant if that is the case.

    Anyway, there will always be the trusted pen and paper where I can be myself without worrying and where I need no reassurance; it’ll be just me and my thoughts.

    Nice site. Interesting choice of pictures.

  23. Sidetrack a little, i think the latest episode of Shoot! (Topic on increasing prices), the 2 guys whom are always in the show are sooooooo pro-government.

    I just couldnt help it but be disgusted by the propaganda… :S

    Dont you agree?…HAI

  24. You know why people stop being someone fan? Because that person realise that the “IDOL” is actully not the same as what he is projected on tv?

    On tv Dasmond talk to Xiaxue like some tyoe of gentalmen, then in the net, he turns out to e another FAKE CELEBRITIES personality.

  25. Hi DK,

    I saw the episode from xiaxue’s blog and I have a few heartfelt comments, not on the issue, but on the show. I’m not sure about other shows that you’ve hosted or other episodes of this talk show (because I’m not in singapore for the past few years and have not been catching up on singapore shows for a long time), hence my following opinions will be based on solely this episode. But I hope you’d not be offended or take it to heart(and I know you won’t).

    After I saw the clips, I only have one word for it – lan4. Before you try to dispute my opinion, please hear me out first. There are 3 reasons why I think that it’s far from expectations.

    First, I think the combination of guest speakers is already a mistake. If the topic is on blogging, wouldn’t other bloggers like mr brown or mr miyagi be better choices? I mean if xiaxue listed them down on her blog, obviously she sees them positively. But probably you have your reasons for bringing those two together, so I shan’t question on that.

    Second, I think the choice of “audience” or comments-givers is really bad, and I think they are the ones which spoil the entire show. In the episode, I can see them a few of them are really attacking them negatively. I mean if they are merely criticizing them in a fun manner, it’s perfectly fine, but they really sounded as if they’re reprimanding xiaxue in a very negative way (and meant it) in front of public tv. In life, there are always some things which you and I know is enough, and it can be left unsaid.

    Perhaps Singaporeans are really too debatable and serious to take things (or people) in a casual manner. I mean when they see things as wrong, it means wrong, and they have to reprimand it. They can’t put it across as something to criticize in a fun manner. But obviously what they say aren’t in the hosts’ control, so it really isn’t your fault.

    Finally, this is the most important point and it is dedicated, in its entirety, to you. In the show, I think your performance is reasonable, but it’s only reasonable. I was expecting more from you, simply because you are Dasmond Koh.

    There is a reason why I don’t normally watch variety or talk shows from Singapore. There is a reason why I preferred Taiwan’s variety show (like Wu2 Zhong1 Xian4’s Shows) more than Singapore’s. In fact, I think many of my friends prefer feels the same way. Well, I think the main reason why taiwan’s variety shows are better is because they dare to say things that others won’t and make it sound that they really are not serious about that, and only say that to poke fun of the guest speaker. If you watch Wu Zhong Xian’s Shows and compare to the ones you’re hosting and I’m sure you can feel the difference.

    Talking, I’m sure it’s your forte, and I can see that. But that alone is not enough to make yourself different or more entertaining. Action is definitely what’s lacking in your shows (at least for that episode). Just standing there and talk isn’t enough. I think it would be much better if you include dramatic actions or expressions or even sing short verses taken from songs. Again, you can see that I’m comparing you to wu zhong xian, and I know that’s unfair because he’s so much more experienced. But I’m sure one can’t deny that he really has something to learn from. And I’m not saying that you have to be like him, but I’m sure that’s something that Singapore hosts seriously lack.

    Also, as a hosts, when you realize that someone’s targeting your guest speakers in a negative (as opposed to fun) manner, it’s your job to “protect” the guest speakers by rebuking in a fun manner or by pointing out to him (in a fun way) about not to take things too seriously. It really doesn’t look good if a talk show becomes a lecture show for the audience in front of the tv. Besides, I think it totally spoils the atmosphere of the show.

    Well, the reason why I spent an hr of my time voicing out my comments is because I sincerely believe that you can do it. I really think that you can be a very unique host who can eventually outshine the rest of your colleagues (of your generation), because I’m sure you are someone who dares to do stuff in front of the camera (and feel proud of it) and not feel embarrassed because of the singaporean mindset (the “Yeeee, pai sei la” mindset).

    Obviously, there are some singapore comedians which I do sincerely admire and feel proud of, and they are the liang2 jia1 ban1. Mark Lee is someone who really dares to say things and with force, and everyone knows that he’s definitely joking. The rest of them are very amusing as well. But within the new generation, I think you are most promising, and I’m sure you’d make your mark in the near future, but only if you work hard on it.

    Yes, so these are my comments. Feel free to email me if you want to. I’m sure you have it in your database right, as it won’t be shown here? If you don’t, then just leave a comment here, and I’d give it to you.

    All the best.


  26. no offense but i personally reckon the reason why you wrote this blog is because of all the comments your recieved on the previous post by xiaxue~ I mean seriously the only reason why you did this is cause you wanna make urself like a nice guy

    i can a person change their mind in like a blink of an eye

    1. you dont wnana loose anymore fans
    2. you dun wanna be hated by the public

    the end.

  27. since a lot of people don’t like XX which i dont know why. Maybe because she is a too straight forward blogger. But I do enjoy reading her blog, and I came across yours when she blogged about you. I’m not a fan of hers, I just read her blog daily.

    I saw what she blogged about and I felt that she was pretty disappointed. Its just like seeing someone who you look up to you, suddenly started to blame her for something.

    No i am not saying that you blame her. Its an example. But now that i’ve seen what you’ve gotta write. I’m so happy that things will be back to normal again!

    Pheww, bloggers also have their problems.

    p/s; it was my first time hearing about you when I read her blog maybe because im not a Sporean. You’re so cute btw *blush*

  28. Just come across your blog while reading XX’s blog so to be honest it’s my 1st time hearing your name. Can’t blame me….I’m in Indonesia LOL…. Anyway, I think it’s nice of u both to clarify this matter in your blogs and I think people who thrash either u or her should just stop doing it…. I like your blog too though….

  29. Haha. I spelled your name incorrectly too. With the e instead of a =s . No wonder i can’t find your bloggggggg. Haha, 1 word. Sad, ppl often misunderstood each another

  30. Hi dAsmond,

    Well, if not of this post I wouldnt know your name is spelt as dAsmond too. It is very childish of you to use a meer prounoucation mistake to attack on others. I usually see people doing that in those typical woman and woman CAT’s Fight… thats shows how immature you are. (Thumb down)

    dAsmond, frankly speaking, I use to like your show n your style of hosting. After this episode, no thanks to your show anymore… Maia was being attacked by XX before.. but being mature I dont see her rebuke the way you did… and in the first place, I dont see XX step on you at all… it is just a comment which every one would make… and sadly being a host and a gentlemen a small critisim review the real character of yours….

    Well good luck n all the best!

  31. just came across this post. and as much as i was angry for that post “22@…” i was impressed and glad you actually came out to clarify.
    great work.

    the exact way a gentleman and a lady should have act. perfecto.

  32. I guess we shld be objective and establish the fact that it’s impossible for ppl to see eye to eye on alot of things and ppl tends to be passionate in what they believe in which can be swayed by many things in our lives. The thing is to “agree to disagree”, one shld accept the fact that there’ll be ppl who will disagree on things that we think is correct or shld be done in a certain way. By agreeing to appear as a guest in a program such as “Let’s shoot”, I believe Xia Xue (a popular blogger and thus a target for detractors) shld have been mentally prepared for sharp words or accusations from the opposition as it wld be plain silly not to be so. I belive Xia Xue to be made of tougher stuff and not be reduced to a whimper with an espiode like this. Though I do think that the job of a host is to gather balance views from both sides in an program like this thus it appears that there’s a lapse in the ability as a host but I do admire the humbleness reflected in the blog.

  33. hi dasmond. i find that you are just being frank sometimes. it’s your blog man. be yourself.

    jia you!

    miss your dj-ing time, especially ‘the night is still young’ irc.

    you’re the best!

    go dasmond go!

  34. the irc hits few hundreds when you were online. i think now left mainly the ops around (not sure because i didn’t go in for a very long time already.. lol)

    miss those days man.

  35. to Stephanie and JY :

    just because u guys are fans of Dasmond and disagrees with the way xiaxue blogs doesnt mean u can insult her just like that.

    to stephanie:

    “stephanie on September 27th, 2007
    yea lyss

    i agree with you..

    GIVE ME A BREAK!! shes really very irritating person everywhere here there anywhere is xx xx xx xx

    oh god! even newspaper.

    I am very tired and bored of see her post, hearing my friend saying about her and stuff and her media appearance! Mr koh, kindly ask TCS don’t keep inviting her to any programme.

    very very very sickening, esp there are dumb dumb people who support her while she doing the wrong thing/twisting her words! (brainless)

    HONESTLY! blogging is just a diary not shooting others.

    who cares! damn.”

    f#@k? u just called 20,000 ppl dumb dumb and brainless. who’s the brainless one here? yeah sure u’re protected behind ur pathetic computer screen but if i ever see you real life i’d give u a tight slap.

    to JY:

    “JY on September 28th, 2007
    Hi dasmond,

    i just read XX blog.. i really can’t stand her at all.. always acting as if she noes alot of things and alot of media ple. so wat if she noe fann wong’s sister. she is even prettier than her in so many ways.

    She always tink wat she said are right..even scolding old ple and looking down on them, as if she wont get old in future.

    I like mr cai shen jiang and mr huang ming de comments most of the time. So wat if mr cai is from the same sec skl as her. If she is capable to become a successful media person like mr cai, she wont be sitting there as being INVITED! Imagine people scolding you with vulgarities in your blog, would u feel happy. She should learn how to respect herself before critising ple.

    Wat mr cai said are the FACTS. she just dun dare to ADMIT IT! I dun tink mr cai can be bothered to read her blog.. and it is obviously so fake that she said you are one of the DJ she like and brighten up her poly days. super fake.. i dun even noe why there are ple giving her comments in her blog and agree with wat she say sometimes.

    do u tink xiaxue would take note of those ple that say that they love her and would hate dasmond for hurting her. i dun tink she will coz she can’t be even bothered to recognise you..

    everyone of us have this “hypocrite” side.. but she is the most hypocritical person i ever seen!

    Oh pls XX, dun tink your blog is so great can. Some ple blog are better than yours but they want to publicise themself like YOU!

    I tink mr cai or anyone else blog or any other star blogger have better blog than hers!

    Zhen Rong continue to jia you ok! ”

    lol another imbercile who speaks her mind off without thinking.

    1stly, she doesnt ACT like she knows a lot of things or knows a lot of people. she doesnt SAY that she knows a lot of things in the first place.. and she does know a lot of people in the media, she doesn’t need to ACT. and lol I dont know about previous posts, but in the recent posts she never did mention about fann wong’s sister. so u’re like digging up some old history books JUST TO insult her in your own pathetic ways?

    2ndly, i say u’re blind to actually support that cai shen jiang and that ex councillor. it’s so bloody obvious they are shooting questions blatantly and actually are reprimanding a person they dont really know without much thought in front of a national tv programme. they’re so bloody insensitive! how’d you feel if i fugging scold you about ur morals and everything in front of national tv? i may be right, but would u say u feel good about it and that u deserved it? loser.

    3rdly, before u say xx should learn to respect, would u please open your eyes and look at how ur BELOVED cai shen jiang scolds without thought and respect?

    4thly, u’re just basing ur comment about what he said are “facts” cuz u dont like the way xx gains popularity through her way of blogging. fug and do u even realise he bases his comments on what he thinks of her from the PERIODIC news reports on how she gets involved in controversies? get YOUR facts right.

    5thly, how can u accuse a person’s sincerity? are you even a girl? how can u not feel the helplessness feeling in her comment for Dasmond when she knew that he accused her that way? u talk big about knowing how others feel when she scolds them, then do u know how she felt when her fav DJ actually accused her?

    6thly, u say there’s other blogs that are way better than hers, prove it. can u find another blog which the content and language owns others’ so many times over? not to mention the popularity of it as well.

    u’re just a fugging sore loser cuz u see xx’s supporters flocking and flooding Dasmond’s comment box to defend her, outbeating the 30 or 50 comments of defaming her previously.

    Dasmond has already apologised, that’s a more gentlemanly act. for those “supporters” who think he shouldnt have, who are you to comment on what he decides to do to appease the situation? can u actually claim yourself as supporters when you dont respect his decision?

  36. Now, this is much better. Don’t worry. We still like you =)))

    And this sounds kinda sincere to me. So people who’re commenting on how he’s doing this to garner support. You guys are even worst than the his act of commenting on XX because at least it was because he misunderstood her post. But as for you guys, your criticisms are based on groundless accusations, and only disgusting people can think of disgusting motives like that. Yucks.

  37. I think you had did nothing wrong when you wrote about her. You are just being frank, just like how frank she was in her blog. That’s your personality!

    She said in the show that people who wants to be famous should know how to accept people criticising them, so why can’t she accept your comments too?

    Anyway, all she has to do is to whimper, and everyone would sympathise her. Imagine, what if at that time one of those 7 disgusting bloggers she blogged about replied her in the way she replied you, what would those bloggers get instead? Lots of critics saying that they are fake, and xx would be there sniggering at the blogger. So unfair right? Famous people whimper, everyone symphatise. not so famous people whimper, people say fake and trying to create sympathy. WHY?

    she has neva thought that one of those 7 might have been her fans too. She never thought about how she could have crushed their hearts like how you might have crushed hers. all she thinks is herself. XX, if you are reading this, think about what i’ve said.

    thank you . just my 2 pence worth .

  38. Hmmm Dasmond,

    I think you probably gained back some points with this clarification post (well, at least from me). And I think it is nicely done. It does put a few more things into perspective when you explain the sequence of events.

    Good luck however, because in my opinion, the damage is already done and not much can really be salvaged……..

    For example, I was lead to your last XX post from XX’s website and I left a not-so-pleasant comment. And then I read this and actually … er… kinda feel bad because I realised you have been “englightened” and clarified things. But my opinion of you has already been discounted. First impressions last.

    Still, I’m glad you wrote this post.

  39. I dun side anyone here now. Juz share a little thought in my mind. What I feel is we can’t really know what others had went thru, either for Dasmond or Miss XiaXue. The blog here is a little feeling ‘they’ want to voice out in deep of their heart. Same for Everyone reading the blog here. So after reading and commenting, everyone pls move on. Learn from each others’ mistakes if you dun agreed with some points of others. Move on and be better if you think some pple had did something wrong. But make sure you don’t create the same mistake the next time too if you want to comment on others’ mistakes. It will make you look like an idiot if you create the same mistake too, which you had comment on others’ before.

    No offend to anyone reading. Juz a little reminder for myself too. 😉

  40. 谁才真正有资格批评人? 以上批评你,或者 XX 的人, 自己就很好吗? 不见得..

    这是你的BLOG, 想发表什么, 都可以. =)


  41. I have watched the show and find it interesting when everyone get a chance to air their views. I do believe that everyone should learn how to forgive and forget. Learn to hate or rebuke someone is very easy but to forgive & forget takes lot of courage. Besides, if one learns to be forgiven, it will create good Karma and generate Merits. All these are just part & parcel of life and you do not need to take it at heart.

    Learn to let go and it will be a beautiful day.

    Btw, love to watch your show!

  42. i take back any mean words tt i (maybe)ever said about dAsmond.. YAY!! dispute ovr!! but it was fun 2 watch ppl’s reactions while it happened.. n RED!! u typed it well.. =) any animosity shud b forgotten now.. forgive n forget.. everyone has their own characters.. n different boiling points.. aha! forget tt whole episode.. s’pore got racial harmony day rite? shud make a “blogger harmony” day oso.. n “internet defense” day.. ohoho..

  43. best not to offend girls oh.. ohohoho.. c wad happened? there’s a phrase for tt rite? ning4 ke3 de2 zui4 _ _, ye3 _ _ de2 zui4 nu3 ren2.. lawl.. my chinese sux la. i noe tt.. =.=

  44. i don’t get it.
    why do pple judge xx (or anyone for that matter) based on blogs? don’t you people already know that the blogsphere is a “fake world”?
    there are people who are real in the blogsphere (and xx claims that she is) and if that is the case, shouldn’t we respect these people instead of complain and complain and complain about them? i mean, ask yourselves, who really dares to be REAL in blogs? and if someone is able to still SHOOT pple down without thinking of the repercussions, isn’t that evidence that she is already braver than the rest of us?
    i’m not really a blog reader cos i don’t really believe in the things bloggers are writing, especially when they never ever right any personal, real stuff but i believe that relativism should be practised.
    allow people to express what they want to see the real side of people. don’t be afraid of being judged. shoot what is in your mind. true people hardly exist in this highly virtualised world already.
    and because this is a highly virtualised world, people dare to put up their comments here like nobody’s business. think of it, in the real world, will we dare to confront one another in the face like that?

    being fake in blogs totally defeats the purpose of it.

  45. Well, dun take things too hard. Having dealed with it already and move on…well, I mean for the both you. Btw, blog is for you to bare your heart, so no right and wrong in both sides.

  46. I think this is a scheme to gets more hits by creating another flaming war… Just like you guys mentioned on (You Hua Jiu SHuo), scolding each other to raise viewership. Well. You succeeded. Congratulations. I must admit I am too bored to actually be reading this… : X

  47. hey people, shut up about it already.

    apologies have been made and i don’t see both of them saying anymore. so yeah, juz shut the gap la.

    whether u’re xx fan or dasmond’s fan, keep the thoughts to yourself.

    dasmond, dun bother about them. and xx should do the same. people are just pouring out their views and some of them are juz trying to watch show.
    so dun make them happy to see the quarrelling going about.

    just dun say it anymore and move.

    take care

  48. Hello Dasmond ;D i read ur previous post about XX. and somehow, i feel that u were trying to diss her or something(in ur previous post).. yeap, i sensed sarcasm when u talk about her spelling ur name wrongly. No offence, dude but u sounded like u were seeking attention and more readers. Yeap and as for this post, I guess u’re posting this cos u don’t want ur readers to think u’re petty or make it seem like u’re the bad guy. Otherwise, I think u wouldn’t even bother to post this. Haha, sorry. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m merely stating my thoughts and feelings 🙂

    Take Care 😀

  49. I think all misunderstandings would have been cleared up already by both your post and xiaxue’s. 🙂 I still feel though, that sometimes, a person cannot be solely judged by what he writes on his blog simply because sometimes words can be used wrongly or are simply not enough to express one’s feelings. Hence I don’t really blame you for that previous xiaxue post which I didn’t really like. Hahaha nevertheless, I’m glad everything is cleared up by now. Hope you won’t be affected by the negative comments that I see here too. 🙂

    All the best!

  50. Hihi Dasmond… lolx, finally spell ur name rite

    Actually found ur blog thru XX’s blog… I can see that many ppl hold different views towards this entire matter, be it love it or hate it attitde

    I’m NOT anti-XX, read her blog, found it an interesting read, but cant bring myself to agree with some of her things she wrote… nvm bout that though… I wouldn’t have change my impression of you (as a supporter) even if you didnt put in this entry…

    Ur previous one (on XX) wasn’t as bad as many ppl make it out to be… perhaps just a touch of humour add to an honest opinion, but somehow things tend to get misread at some point of time and XX supporters spring up all over the place in defense of her (no surprise)…

    The whole inccident might not have been a pleasant publicity for XX but speaking of hurting ppl and getting hurt … XX had done quite a big share of it (and not all deserve it as she had put it to be)…

    Whatever it was… U’re still a gentleman by putting this post up and clearing things to those who misunderstood ur previous entry … cant wait to catch you hosting in the upcoming Star Awards…

    cheerz, dawn

  51. WEIIIIII! can you reply? do you reply?
    why only go those school? wad about the others? sim also private larhhh.

    ( ha… The production team decides where they’ll be going. Anyway, Rp gonna be the last campus we visiting… 😉 – from 22)

  52. I consider myself a fairly objective person and I feel that you needn’t have to post this entry to explain yourself.

    If I am a host of a show and a guest is unhappy with what went on, I would definitely defend my show if I feel that her unhappiness is not justified or is unreasonable. I am not going to bend over and kiss her ass just because she might be someone famous.

    I’ve seen Mr Cai more aggressive towards other previous guests and knowing him, he was already quite mild with XX. The title of this show says it all. It’s a discussion forum and anyone is allowed to express their views. No scripts, no rehearsals. Whether the guest of the day likes it or not.

    It is unfair to expect Mr Cai (or anyone else) to tone down or to limit their views and true opinions just because someone might be upset. This defeats the whole purpose of the show.

  53. Also, I feel that XX was being extremely rude and tactless towards Steven (refusing to shake his hand, acting like Steven is a disease, rolling her eyes and even mentioning that Steven is ugly and disgusting). Why then is this not unfair to Steven? Why should he be shamed on TV this way and it’s ok just because it’s done by XX?

    Mr Cai merely stated facts/his opinions and rebutted XX’s inconsistencies. Why is this wrong and how is this rude? At least he didn’t use vulgarities (unlike XX who used the F word on Mr Cai in her blog).

    Why should anyone attempt to pacify XX who was blatantly overreacting?

    It is so sad to think that if I disagree with XX or even dare to say I dislike her on a public forum, hoards of her irrational fans will just assume it’s done to create hits.

    Dasmond has his own views too. Is it not ok for him to disagree or get upset with XX IF he wants to?

    Everyone on the show that day gave criticisms according to how they felt about the topic. They made logical statements and not random cruel remarks. They didn’t call XX ugly, disgusting, pick on her lousy (in my opinion) Mandarin or call her smelly. All of which XX did to some poor soul at a point or another.

    I find her disrespectful and she should stop using her ‘sympathy’ card as and when someone brave enough calls her out.

    She is worshipped for speaking her mind and when others do the same, they get lashed out at and attacked by her lemmings. Fair?

    Bottom line, I didn’t feel that she got attacked by anyone on the show and everyone just happened to have their opinions (wow, imagine that!). Her ego just got nicked a bit and she is feeling pinched because someone caught her out. Afterall, what better excuse than to say you’ve been attacked when in reality, you’ve just lost your argument?

  54. Dasmond, never succumb to unreasonable pressure. And don’t ever discredit yourself. You have achieved so much more than alot of people (if not all) here.

  55. Everyone is entitled to their own views, but attacking and discrediting someone else is not something a person should do. We, as humans, should evolve to be a better person, not unlearning what is taught to us by becoming uncivilized.

  56. I SAW YOU AND DIYA AT NTU THE OTHER DAY!! well, it didnt appear to me until the day when i watched it on tv that YOU’RE SO MEAN!! EVEN IF you’re the host, do you HAVE to insult and put almost ALL the contestants you went around searching for, down? and DIYA also same pattern. see you mean to them ownself also learn and give disgusted face. it’s like if one day, you curiously went online to join a contest FOR FUN and just happens that you HEN YOU REN YUAN and got into TOP3, but suay suay the host like suffering from middle age GENG NIAN QI. see whoever insult whoever. YOU SONG BO? you used to be so funny in a harmless way on air. not like now. one doesnt have to insult others to be funny. ((:

  57. what i don’t understand is, how come everyone is still so bloody caught up with how they view xiaxue? i mean, most of them claim that they hate/despise xiaxue because she’s always “shooting” people and bringing them down in her blogs, even when she doesn’t know them. my question is, then do YOU guys know her? she blogs about certain people because she can’t stand them (frankly i can’t too) and DUH she has the right to do so yes? i mean, isn’t blogging about freedom of speech anyway? what’s the problem here?

    i think that xiaxue is really brave in many ways because she doesn’t give a shit to what others think. in a way she’s really accomplished in what she does and i think we ought to respect her for that.

    AHHHHHHHH sometimes i feel so unjustified for her 🙁

  58. 我可以发表华语的么?呵呵,我挺喜欢你的节目,你的声音,今天是我第一次看你的blog,喜欢你的真实!!!

  59. Hi Dasmond. I juz saw the news clip on President Star Charity Show @ Ch8. Think mayb u will share a bit, rite? So may I ask u if you know when will be the repeat telecast? I almost 4get is tonite and I saw Dr William Tan in the show too. Fyi, I respected him quite a lot, and had did a challenge wheel-run with him 1 yr back and he had juz did a sharing with us in our company’s talk juz beginning of this month. He had published a book too, which I had bought too. So thinking of maybe want to watch him what did he perform today. Thank you very much! 🙂

    ( I’ll let you know if I manage to find out when will they do a repeat telecast… – from 22 )

  60. Actually, such stuff’s very subjective. We all have prejudices, whether we realise it or not, and it’s hard to interpret the blogger’s tones simply reading texts.

    As for trying to dissect their characters.. There’s no need to go to such an extent? Besides, those who like you will support you while those who don’t will just disbelieving you. Both of you have your own talents, and you should be proud of that (:

    Anyway, as Ghandi said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Let bygones be bygones. Good that you guys have resolved this misunderstanding after all.

  61. Shoot is a good show because Quan Yifong and you are real objective but u guys added a pinch of emotions which make it so different from other politically correct talkshows!

    But why dun you blog in Chinese like Yifong? Was pretty disappointed to see u blog in English…eh… not that your English is that bad lah!

  62. many comments about u which can be quite nasty and I shall not comment that much..Just want to say Jia you..The incident is over..Let’s move on with life..

  63. Zhen Rong,

    Sorry that I did not watch that programme u n Xiaxue had mention. So I am not allowed to comment regarding this matter. Although I’m not allowed but please do let me say, whatever matter btw u n her, juz 4get it. now it’s not the time for u to continue arguing or saying. there are lots of work waiting u to do espcially the upcoming Star Awards in December

  64. Xiaxue didn’t (still doesn’t) bother when she has hurt others with her post, “most disgusting bloggers” or whatever the heading is.

    Now she is acting all nice and depressed… because you are more famous, have more supporters, can influence more people etc.

    And you buy that -.-

  65. Some people are easily swayed and you know it, when they come out in full force, that they are birds of a feather that flock together.

    Anyway, I would so have loved to go on the same show because I would definitely throw in a boxing ring and we’ll see who’s the last one standing.

    Fighting solves everything.

    So shut up, you stupid people. God dammit. Why are there so many shallow people in Singapore and around.

    If words are everything, good for you.

    La concha.

  66. hello, 1st time here, anyway~just to be what u want to be, and u are who u are. that’s it. Missunderstanding is always occurs nowadays, and it will be long lasting id none of both parties wouldn’t want to justify da thing. But da thing is, now it solved enjoy ur days ya :D:D:D

  67. This is just a little misunderstanding and miscommunication. Nothing big, and both don’t have to feel upset. So long as now, it’s clear to both parties. All the best in filming!

  68. this episode sounds like 2 children arguing who is right and who is wrong… duhz i dun know who is the good or bad or hypocrite or 2 face or whatever person and to be frank i dun care. its entertainment for me and i read for fun only. do we have to take things so seriously?

  69. hey zhen rong! i was quite surprised when i saw the previous post on xiaxue, thought you were a civil guy, but im so glad the two of you cleared up the misunderstanding! its not very healthy to have quarrels with people yah. anyway, wish you all the best. hopefully i can be an actress too someday haha. 😀 good luck for filming with your future shows! and star awards! can’t wait till then. toodles!

  70. i think everyone is being retarded. they clear up not good meh. they post things about each other also not happy or happy. i mean like, it’s their blog and they can choose what they want to blog about right! And furhermore, who are you to silence their opinions? who cares about you ah! hahahaha. it’s all for fun and the things they write about are actually entertaining and intrigueing! if not happy than don’t read lah!(: easy. oh and i’m not particularly referring to anyone.

  71. I hope Mata comes and invite all crappy bloggers (who are hiding behind their PC picking at their noses) to a free Curry Rice Meal in Changi Village.

    Peace will then be returned.. =)

    Typical kiddie fight, mindless squabble situation.
    Hmm… Whoever shout the loudest wins lor.

  72. i don’t know why lah har but i find this part when you said “Only until the episode was aired, then I realized you’re being ‘attacked’ in a certain way.” very touching. LOL!

  73. hmm.. why didnt u approve that comment? it wasn’t attacking u ain’t it?

    hmm so us as readers attacking other readers is alright but attacking maia would be “ugh that’s so wrong, that’s so inappropriate” eh? since u let comments about u or xiaxue go posted why not comments about maia? is she really that big? ugh

    ( if there’s anything u wld like to comment abt her, mayb u can try going to her site. Thx.. – from 22 )

  74. god knows if this comment will be read / posted, but here goes…=)

    isn’t it amazing how celebrities are simply not allowed their own living (breathing) space? it seems as if celebrities are obligated to be PERFECT…speak the languages flawlessly, dress spectacularly, and behave appropriately…simply because they are “in the public’s eye”…

    it appears from this whole hoo-ha that being a celebrity, the person no longer belongs to the normal stream of human beings. the alleviated status “naturally” equates losing of speech freedom and right. it also “naturally” equates that he / she has to be subjected to and endure public criticism, be polite / courteous 24/7, have a pleasent attitude / temper all year round, and basically BE a perfect, almost “Godly” human being (if that is ever possible), as mentioned before.

    BUT, just because this person is a celebrity, really doesn’t naturally mean that he’s not allowed to speak his mind on his own blog, does it? wasn’t blogging supposed to be an outlet for freedom of speech (without violating the law of course)…so shouldn’t it be that no matter who the blogger is…he / she should be able to blog the contents he / she so desires without having to worry about the backlash of nasty comments from readers who disagree with the TONE of a particular post…read at your own risk, agree and continue reading, disagree and just leave. readers are of course entitled to their own opinions…BUT, please…keep your hurtful comments to yourself…if you do so wish to post nasty remarks with regards to posts you really stomach down, do so in your own space. blogs are easily attainable. stop cramping the style of bloggers who wish to be able to blog freely…you can be as candid as u wish over in your space. isn’t this the best for both readers and bloggers?

    come to think of it, i wonder how the TONE of a post can actually be HEARD through reading texts online…isn’t tone about the way a message is conveyed through speech? the high and low pitches used when a person speaks? so it’s really just about how the reader intepretes what the blogger has written isn’t it? so readers, do some justice to bloggers…clarify before commenting. it really might not be what you think it means or for the matter of tone, what it SOUNDS like…

    bottom line…let’s just cut celebrity bloggers some slack. it is their blog for god’s sake…give them back their right and freedom to speak their minds. i’m sure they know what is expected of them and what they should or should not do / say…

    anyway, this was supposed to be a short comment, but i’m afraid it turned out to be a rather lengthy one…SORRY! =)

    thanks for reading!!~

  75. omg. you suck.
    like seriously. you have no style and looks.
    i don’t get why you get to host so many shows.
    i hate watching any campus show just cause you are in it.
    i hope they replace ou with elvin ng or anyone else soon.


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