Story behind it…

When was the last time you actually take a pause, and appreciate things?
Why suddenly thought of this?

Suppose to meet a friend for lunch. While waiting for her arrival, I walked into a sport’s shop.
A white badminton racquet caught my eye (???????racquet.. hmmm…).
I decided to buy. And at the same time ask for an express re-string.]


How difficult could re-stringing it be right. I requested the gal to have it done within an hour, so that I can pick up and go after my lunch apptmt.

I came back an hr plus later.
It was only half done.

I then stay around ( giving her pressure ), and waited for another hr…
Woo… It was tought.
Being very detail…
Testing of patience…


She looked really relieve when it was done.
She requested to take a pic with me and my racquet.
She normally string tennis racquet. This was the !st badminton racquet she stringed.


How difficult could it be? I got a second thought now.
Everytime when I was playing badminton, I never thought there is this part of hard work supporting every swing of my racquet.

I had a game in the evening ( thanks to my buddy Vincent Ng ), you can imagine how much I appreciate the racquet.

sam p/s: by the way, I thrashed Sam today. ha

12 thoughts on “Story behind it…”

  1. Oh…you reminded me of my badminton training camps during my sec sch days! My coach was always stringing badminton rackets throughout the camps. But he took a much shorter time – less than an hour – to complete everything. Haha, very experienced already…

  2. you really like sports huh… =) How often do you go diving? I am going for diving nxt month… with Shaun, he will be my instructor.. haha…Hope you can join us nxt time!

  3. i always had my racquet re-string when i bought new one and every time it gives out a loud springy sound after hitting the.. what is called in english? aiyah, yu mao qiu.. hor, i will feel very appreciative towards the person who re-string it for me. cuz of the feel of the springy sound is like whoa, powderful sia..

    anyhow, your white racquet is nice. next time have a game together leh! and thats when i get a new racquet haha!

  4. i like your racket cuz it white.. hmm.. hope my dad will buy 1 for me soon.. i lent my friend my racket until now she did not returned so sad..


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