This is quite interesting…. Maybe you should do your fair share in sharing your thoughts… 🙂 Not so much about winning the prize ( of cos it will be good if you are the lucky one… like that previous gal who won ipad because of the link here… ), but to help remind yourself to … Read more

15 and going…

一眨眼,15年了。。。 做这本书的目的,也是为了想用一样东西来纪念纪念。。。 好摄之徒,筹备了半年多。里头所用的都是我两趟西班牙之旅的照片。 怀胎六个月,终于‘生’出来了。。。哈! 不管在过去15年里,我们在怎么样的地方时间环境曾经交错,这是一本我想和你分享的心情日记。 A pictorial diary that I wanna share with you… Allow me to take this chance to thank all my wonderful sponsors… Spanish Tourism Board, Tavolo Italian Cuisine, Canon, Feet Press. The book will be available through online purchase from 28th November at S$28 ( local postage ). Email to [email protected]Read more

Star Searching again… KL….

Gonna be leaving again… for Star Searching… This round, KL, Malaysia. Seems like there’s tons of stuff waiting for me to settle, but no time… ~ yeap, in progress, the book that I talked about a while ago, hopefully I can launch it as a Christmas gift maybe… ~ house is still under renovation ( … Read more

It's about time :) When I was much younger, around 17, I was very lucky to be given a chance to run a tuition centre. I was very much involve in the whole setting up, and watching it grow for one good year. Till today, I still receive FB messages from the kids ( now of course grown … Read more


Received a sms from Shawn Tok this afternoon. S: Grats for leading in the star award top 10!! Hahaha 22: Huh? Yes, huh was my reply cos I didn’t know anything about it. My next thought was, is Joshua in…? After work, I check on the site. And I was puzzled with a comment made … Read more

Start Afresh…

I finally pulled through the week… And the best part is, my phone SIM card failed on me on Friday, 12th June. Stupid SIM was corrupted without a reason. Time is up maybe. I had no choice but ask for a replacement. End result, lost some messages that I saved. Which is important to me… … Read more

Shaun & Michelle…. happy ever after~~

After being together for 5 years… They decided to get the wedding bell ringing 🙂 Yeap, I attended their wedding dinner. It’s such a blessing being able to find the one you love… what’s more, the feeling is mutual… and eventually able to spend the rest of the life together… going through thick and thin… … Read more

小娘惹大团圆 The Little Nyonya’s Big Reunion

I’m thankful I was given the chance to host this special programme. Thanks to each and everyone who had made it possible for me. What’s the show about? Read this 🙂 Started my day real early today. The filming was scheduled to start at 8am. I got myself ready and drove off to office at … Read more


‘陪伴着很多新加坡人长大,见证了我国成长路程’的报章…什么时候变了样?… 阅读这一篇文章时, 老实说, 有些纳闷. 报章不是该据实报导新闻吗? 什么时候也成了 变相的’壹周刊’,凭着笔者或’决策人’的’丰富创意和想象力’来大作文章? 无须求证就 能见图说故事… 而且尽是负面言词? 我不晓得新明日报是以多少人的抽样调查得出以下结论… 标题:新传媒阿姐范文芳,脂粉未抹,尽显残样. 照片完全没经过修饰,就算放大100倍来看,阿姐文芳还是美美的, 何残之有? 明眼人请自行定夺. +++++++++++++++ 标题:陈靓王宣疑似想打哈欠,却很用力的克制. 疑似= could be; be suspected to be;doubtful; ambiguous 为什么不能疑似看到艺人做惊险动作时的脸部表情? 而只会朝贬意的方向去想呢? +++++++++++++++ 标题: 杨志龙吃面包,馅料还占到他的嘴角. 单纯一张吃东西的照片有必要拿来如此作文章吗? 原来文字人是坚信’美女是不会放 屁’的…. +++++++++++++++ 标题: 新闻主播黄秀玲被拍到’大小眼’的照片. Umm… 我这一张是原照, 对于这标题我是挺有意见的… 是’斗鸡眼’看照片, 看不清吧… 就算,就算是… 有必要揭人苍疤落井下石吗? +++++++++++++++ 标题: 姚懿珊被拍到嘟着嘴,可能是因为台庆节目太沉闷. 可能? 可能=或许=联想 这样的假设, 如果我告诉你其实当下她是因为看到荧幕上出现已故四大笑将的画面 而泛起的表情,你会不会觉得这样的假设标题对节目制作队伍,姚懿珊或是荧幕上出 现的艺人有些不公平呢? ++++++++++ 报章拥有广大的阅读群, 如果为了达到’娱乐’效果和拉拢读者而毫无肆纪的自写自爽 … Read more

45载光芒 八方贺台庆

庆幸自己赶上了这班列车. 那么大型的台庆,电视台应该是第一次举办吧… 有机会主持这么有纪念性的节目,要由衷的感谢选角的决策人员. 好几个月的奋斗,为的就是这3个小时的节目. 辛苦了… 伟大的幕后功臣… 除了以上… 还有很多很多… 横跨几个年代的艺人, 还有参与电视制作的前辈们, 这一晚聚集在电视大礼堂, 回顾 曾经走过的路… 曾经挥霍的青春… > 还记得他们吗? 想念他们吧? More Pictures!