It's a very different Monday…

I’ve had a very different Monday today. Due to the face that The Campus Superstar 2 Preview Show was pre-recorded, I’ve had a Monday off!!!

Roam around in youtube and found some Campus Superstar2 clips, if you haven watch it, scroll down and take a look at it.
See how fun the gals and boys are. The start of the contest, what happen behind the scene, and what they’ve walked thru’ while taking part in the contest.

heyG banner
Will be at NUS filming tomorrow.
Who will be there?…. well…..


She will be busy filming Maggie & meeeeee, so she will be there instead.

Apart from…

32 Aben

We have her too… hee


So if you’re from NUS, look out for us!

If you’re not, look out for my post!!! 🙂

[youtube b4LreLdnHmo]

[youtube v59OFvkz90A]

[youtube S9otgnLujrA]

[youtube ajKx23EUwVk]

[youtube fadSfRRDPgk]

6 thoughts on “It's a very different Monday…”

  1. Hey Dasmond! I just saw you and the rest of Hey! Gorgeous crew at NUS Forum! Wanna walk over and request to take a photo, but you guys were talking and was i was afraid i’ll face a no…so i decided to just see you guys from far and walk away. Will you reject my photo request, if i had walked over? Anyway, all of you look great! 🙂

  2. hi Dasmond.. watched Shoot! program on 8 Nov 07. u look and sound great as usual when u were on radio 933. Jiayou!! love d write-out u and quan yifeng read out at d end of d Shoot! program on 8 Nov 07. it was so real and touching that my eyes teared. r u able 2 send me d story?


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