The beauty of Sunset

SC left me a comment…

Actually I’m like any of ur supporters who started listened to your radio programmes since u r doing DJ @ 933. From radio to tv, I somehow feel your path is quite smooth. Juz wandering if you have got any period of time where you really got some difficult time ever?

Well… I did, just that being a public figure, I belief my job is to deliver joy and laughter.
At any point of time when I’m at the down side, I’ll choose to walk thru it myself rather than showing it in media and asking for sympathy.

You might be thinking…
So when was it? What happen? Why?…
It’s over la, so no point bringing it up. 🙂

But if  you happen to be at a bad patch when you are reading this…


Just take it that you had come to the end of the day.
Look back at what you had achieve for the day…
Admire the Beauty of Sunset.
Recharged and get ready for the start of a brand new day tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “The beauty of Sunset”

  1. Such co-incidence, I also blogged abt sunet yesterday! Yes, there are sad moments in everyone’s lives. But look ahead, and there will always be better times waiting. Happy Birthday to me! And best wishes to you Dasmond!

  2. hello dasmond! haha i’ve been listening/watching u since your 933 days too!! actually i really don’t think u’ll remember me.. but i was your youngest ardent supporter when u were hosting “the night is still young”.. i think i was 12 then! omg it has been 10 years! hmm maybe you’ll remember this: u were interviewed by belinda lee on this show called “fei yi ban nian qing” and then u were giving away a t shirt with your face printed on it, haha. and i wrote in a silly little poem and won it and had to go down to mediacorp to get it from u personally and be filmed! oh and i gave u a silly little teddy bear at some 933 “qi nian zhi yang” (7 year itch) party at SLF building while u were on stage singing your “xin de yi nian”. hahahaha… omg time flies!!!!!

    anyway, its nice to see that you’ve managed to achieve so much so quickly! and your perspective of setbacks is refreshing! but too bad we don’t get much of a nice backdrop against our sunsets in singapore. :p

    take care dude! 😉

  3. During difficult time when u got knocked down, dun give up! Have faith in urself…

    “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up again”.

    God Bless!

  4. Thanx for sharing..
    Enjoy listening to you during my school’s time – esp exam’s time… and it seemed like a routine to listen to ur session then, and till the final “time-to-sleep-now, close-your-eyes” ending song.. =D *auww* how I miss it!

    But I also enjoy ur hosting.. and now ur blog.. =D

    Thanx for sharing this beautiful pic and the encouragement note. Shall also share it in my blog..

    Smile, laugh and stay handsome!! *wink*


  5. Thanks Dasmond for the sunset pic and the little encouragement. It’s beautiful. I like sunrise pic too because it means a brand new day too fyi.

    I understand what a position you are in and you did bought a lot of laughters and joy together with your working partners. Thanks for the hard work behind. I understand that cause I’m in a service line too and we really can’t show any down side of us to clients in fact too. And I do believe our everyday’s encounters will be a challenge to us, it’s how we can walk thru it ourselves.

    “No-one can really help us unless we help ourselves” – I believe that cos I went thru myself….

    And dun worry! I won’t ask you “when was it? What happen? Why?” cos I believe there were lots of incidents and many different encounters in the past. Bad one dun remember, juz let the wind blow them far away. Juz remember the happy incidents will do. 🙂


  6. Sunset marks the end of the day; giving us the light to end the day…
    Sunrise marks the start of the day; warming each day with hopes…
    With sunrise and sunset every day; each day should be full with hope and end with thanks…
    Able to live each is already a gift; so we must be thankful right?
    No matter what happen past, now, furture; it is another test of life… Just like school days surprise test…
    Take care n jia you…
    May all the unhappiness (inculding yours and mine) be far far away one fine day…

  7. its a pity u all nt a dj animor
    realli miss e nights wif ure voice thou im nt ure ardent supporter..
    all e best for ure progress in tv

  8. the sunset is nice!!=)!!just think tat wat u post is always meaningful=)!!

    smilex always and JIA YOU for EVERYTHING!!=)!!

  9. Hee…Dasmond…you have lots of supports from your DJing days orh…me included! We spoke over the phone once.That was when my letter was read by you.Hehehe…it’s a fresh memory in my mind.
    I guess in the course of working…or should i say working life or even in the course of our lifespan,we will meet will obstacles and the down side.It depends on how you overcome the obstacles.
    Not sure if you agree with me,but sometimes i feel that i’m wearing a mask to work as well.Like cannot let my emotions overrun my work.Guess like what you said,you have to show your best side to us even your own day sucks BIG time.
    But in the end, it’s ok! Let’s ‘jia you’ together and strive for the better! ^_^

  10. not all days r good days,not every1 is happy everytime,there r times when even the most positive person will seem n tink not trying to chang fan diao wth u all,but wad im sayin is also a fact which all of u cant deny… sometimes,at certain point of time when tings happen…n u cant control them…u oso dun wan tings to happen this way,but dey juz do happen…n when it happens..not say forget jiu can easily forget..sometings r not as simple as it seems..but sometings r oso not very complex in the 1st place…so i guess…however positive u r there r bound to b some tings in life tt u r unable 2 so easily forgive/forget…be it in the area of frenz/family work/yourself/life/love…assess yourself in all these areas…im sure theres bound to be some tings where its not juz as simple as letting the wind to take away your troubles

  11. Just want to thank Dasmond for the surprise reply which I also wrote in my own blog, which you may not read it. But thanks for the comments by the rest too cos they are so familiar to me cos I did experience a lot of them too….



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