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  1. erh …wad can it do to u…eat u up ?
    aniwae watch xiao hua xiao cai juz nw….u guys film my sch np and i tink it was juz awesome!!guess i will keep my eyes lookin for these hunks n e future…*blinks blinks*

  2. Compared cats to dogs, I preferred dogs cos they are loyal and they can be your very good friends. But my home is too small for 1 cos I like golden retriever.


  3. tot so… else so near all your hair follicles would have stood at sedia position…for a long time haha!!!

    How have u been? Long time never message u already… 2808…doesn’t ring a bell? can still make it to wish me haha…

  4. yes, cats are scary! i got stuck at the staircase with my friend for abt five minutes a few days back. cause both of us dare not walk past the cat. and the staircase is the only way to her hse. ):

  5. nah…as u said its only u THINK… so basically its a psychological prob man…i guess if u break thru it…such as standin near a cat n slowly if u r able to get thru dis den try touch them or wad…wont bite pple 1 wad if not y so many pple choose them as pets rite?

    tt cat so cute sia… if u find it scared then no1 wil b able to help u unless u change to see fr another perspective.. sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves…to fight others we got to battle within ourselves 1st. As the spiderman 3 movie endin says…”We hv a choice in life…”

    compare to a stray cat n a stray dog..which is more scary? stray dog u duno if dey wil bite u or not man

  6. that cat where got fierce…if its claws r out n arched its back n tail lifts high..den lidat then its fierce wad…lidat its ready to attack liao… but tt cat fr the pic is juz resting lei… nextime go tickle its chin man…c their faces filled with shiokness n comfort… if u go amk central..there will be 2 cats.. a black one n an orange one..the orange one sooooo cute lor…went to touch b4 …so guai let me touch it…too cute alr la cats…. this is my personal view la mayb u reali terrified of cats…hear fr your colleagues lor on wad they tink abt cats then

  7. This cat looks so SCARY =X

    I had been attacked by cat before, a damn fat cat which I think that the cat is overweight.. It just ran across my leg when I was walking la, and I shouted so loud that people at the void deck was all looking at me… =X


  8. haha! your post damn funny la. cats are not fierce la.
    haha maybe its scared you do sth to it, so it looks at you carefully! lol
    i ever tried staring at a cat for a longlong time. after 10 secs, it ran away.
    HAHAHA [:
    cats can be adorable too!

  9. Actually I’m like any of ur supporters who started listened to your radio programmes since u r doing DJ @ 933. From radio to tv, I somehow feel your path is quite smooth. Juz wandering if you have got any period of time where you really got some difficult time ever?


  10. wah…dasmond hv so many fans hah?hihi…i only start to know him 1 yr ago when i start working here, like his show a lot!!! why every1 talked bout cats?hahahh..im a dog!!

  11. haha…cats is very soft..they wont attack anyone without any reason!!

    maybe me is animals lover..so every animals i love…..

    i also love dogs..even thoug i got bitten by crazy dog in malaysia..and even have injection and wounds on my leg…but i still love them..
    as i know that crazy dog .its dont knw what he doing and what cause him to be like..is all blame to human……

    so we must love animals!!

    btw..i got 5 cutie cats at home!hee….

  12. Stumbled upon your blog while stumbled upon Yifeng’s earlier on…

    So – “HI DASMOND!”

    By the way, read about your relationship with cats, if ever you want to overcome that phobia, give a shout, I can help!

    (I love cats!)



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