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  1. Rong Shao… did you know that when you were announcing the male winner, you said who will be the male winner for 1997?!! What? 1997? You still living in the history? LOLs

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  3. oh..the didi got champ huh…at least better then the other guy…anyway campus superstar fin liaoz..all pple can go home early liaoz coz ahem coz u koe its that mth again…haha…..

    hahaha haiz y zhen ge ping dun hv his own blog???sad lei…haha dun tink pple wil notice him anyway…he gettin fitter n looks handsome man…catch him on the 9pm show pple! hope he wins an award on the hong xing da jiang!

  4. Agreed to what ??? said. Everyone has their own story to tell. Theirs are having a little more colourful than others mayb, but still is an experience that will never forget! Win or loss, it’s all part and parcels. People learn from mistakes… Without mistake, people won’t learn…


  5. Hi Pei Qi,

    Yes, I heard dat too…thot i heard wrongly..did a play back and indeed proved that was 1997 ! DK must be excited abt the results and prob he was too tired…

  6. i really dont understand why shawn wins. i’ve gone to the channel u websites. the article on the interview. the rest of the contestants also think that benjamin will win. well. this isnt fair at all. because shawn win because of his REN QI. and not because his singing is good. BENJAMIN should win, because in terms of looks and vocals, he already won. but i really dont understand why people vote for shawn. shawn is only seconday one. whereas benjamin is secondary four. secondary one only win the champion? come on. i dont get it. he’s still too young. whatever it is, the competition is already over. i hope there wouldnt be css3. if there is, please, i think the judges should be XU HUAN LIANG, LI FEI HUI. and any one other judge. but definitely not the one from dreamzfm. he’s always the opposite of the rest, and the first few episodes, no matter how lousy the contestants are, he gives very very high marks. is this professional judge?

    if u want a SUPERSTAR, jolly well vote for the one who is better. benjamin got the highest score on that competition! would u like a superstar who is still too young, and not so good. or would u like a superstar who is good looking, tall, and performs very well?
    and the duet part. come on. is like jie jie and didi. why sing this type of jing tian ni yao jia gei wo? it would be suitable for benjamin to sing isnt it?

    my comment might be somehow offending to shawn’s fans. but im commenting about my own views.

    and i realised nowadays there’s this trend. those from revivals tend to get the champion. First milubing, then daren & now shawn. and all champions are GUYS. cant girls be champions?

  7. hey, supported you for so long already , like your hosting so much, hope to see you score greater heights each time u go by…..and of cuz would very glad to be your friend too!
    Take CaRe!

  8. yoz passerby…hahaha u wrote so muchie sia…

    ben’s vocal u go listen again la..u reali tink his voice v gd ah?i dun tink so lei i feel that he no technique in singing lor coz he only chun chui use bi2 ying1 only lei..these r those typical singing from all guys contestents liao(i guess is the influence fr JJ)..

    i oso dun understand y all guys keep wan to follow JJ’s singing style…but out of 10 guy contestents almost 8 or 9 will copy JJ style lor…

    haiz bo bian lei…i oso dun wan the didi to win de…but tt time the situation is abit different u c…nw is ben VS the didi ..the didi voice at least got the force to la1 lei..unlike ben…marcus voice better la..(issit marcus?? c the pic he wearin purple shirt n green jacket)..but he out alr lor so no choice the didi is the 2nd best as in judgin his voice fr now…after his voice breaks its another story…u can say its nt fair judging fr the long term…i oso agree wth u…if ben gets the champ he reali sld improve his singing technique man…but…he reali sldnt get into the top 5 in the 1st place..agree?

    hahaha judges wise…ive alr mentioned in my previous comments….u go c lor…

  9. yuppp. ben’s vocals not too good la. but then hor, shawn’s aint that good as well. since the judges all gave benjamin the highest score. meaning that he’s quite good already. anyway, u said about ben shouldnt be in top 5. i dont agree. i think that the female contestant, zheng ning shouldnt have gotten a second place lor. please lor. so what if she’s from RGS? she doesnt have the vocals at all man. i dont understand why people like her so much! and is like, calling her singapore’s dancing diva? DREAM ON MAN! taiwan’s dancing diva is good at both dance and VOCALS! this zheng ning is not good at her vocals at all. yet good ones like elaine was eliminated. this isnt fair at all!

    as for shawn, i think he should watch on youtube the taiwan’s recent music show, the one million star. the first batch, there’s this little guy of the same age as shawn, is much more better than him. i mean his vocals.

    i do agree that marcus is good. but he never take in what the judges said & improve. the judges ask him to open his mouth and sing or something like that right? anyway, at first i thought that marcus would be the superstar. but is not.

  10. heyo passerby..nw then see your reply…i tot u will b like T audience disappear liao so didnt chck haha…hmmm let me reply to u ah…

    “since the judges all gave benjamin the highest score. meaning that he’s quite good already.” —- ok 1st tings 1st,ur 1st instance is tt u agree wth me tt ben voice nt gd..but then u went on to say abt the judges giving him high scores…c wad i mean..all pple r influence by the judges…wad if they giv shawn a more higher score?wil ur tinking b diff dis time? n if ben got champ but the did’s score is highest…will u turn round n say tt the dd sld hv gotten 1st instead?

    zheng ning ah…her voice like i no impression oso…i juz felt that dis yr the guys voice r overall better den the gals…i duno whos elaine…coz nv watch every epi…aiya bottomline is tt everytime those better performers will always out 1 de la…i duno y…judges eyes always got sand inside cant see clearly..

    n got 1 person commented tt its always the “losers” who win in d end..like mi lu bing..n nw shawn.. weird la

    anyway its the 1 wth the highest score dont necessarily be the 1 wth the best performance..esp in competitions in sg…u oso koe hw 2say ben voice nt gd,..so pls nextime dun get too influence by the judges comments ba…

    ask shawn to watch youtube ah…since both of dem r same age..its a matter of time when their voice wil break….so…dey better pray their voice will turn out fine…

    marcus nv take in comments ah..aiya thats only Open mouth nia lei…lidat the judges wana comdemn him liao ah?dis 1 is minor mistakes man…u ask ben to improve his technique of singing compared to marcus;’s open mouth…which 1 is harder to improve?of coz is singing technique la ! diff pple hv diff vocals n its not easy to change lor. how i koe he dun wana open his mouth…even if he nv open his mouth his vocal strength is better than ben’s opening his mouth wide i guess…

    haha but nevetheless results alr out..aiya i oso duno y shawn wil win…coz reali alot alot pple dun wan him to win coz of his age…mayb ben reali sld become 1st…den fr there help him to improve his voice or wad…but being in the 1st position,isnt it a shame to improve on voice quality?so i reali cant understand y he can b in top 5…u get wad i mean passerby?


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