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  1. A nice phase! But nowadays dun ever dare to tel anyone how I feel anymore. Last time did tel the ‘someone’ how much will miss that ‘someone’ but sometimes it might not be easily let him know how I feel ba… sad rite?… 🙂


  2. I agree wif the phase… sometimes, things juz wont turn out the way we want it… Whether its time… fate…

    Its tough hiding ur feelings.. i truly understand…


  3. Hmm….i’ll rather be the silly one and keep my thoughts to myself.Sometimes, it’s better this way.Rather than blahing everything out and getting hurt in the process(if the other party doesn’t have feelings have you).So in a way,good to keep your feelings to yourself.But on the other hand,if you never say,the other party will never know.So i guess it’s really depends on the person to reveal or hide it. ^_^

  4. ???????????????? ???

    “Dance like no one is watching,

    LOVE like you will never be hurt,

    sing like no one is listening,

    LIVE like its HEAVEN on EARTH…”

  5. well..i believe he or she can feel..but if nobody gonna make a first move, then tis relationship will never have a “start”..so, if really met someone tat u lurve, be more courage to say coz u dunno wat will happen in next..cheers..

  6. Love is a very special feeling. If the feeling is mutual, and yes, you don’t need to spell it out in words. That is simply beautiful.

    We take alot of things for granted. Many relationships ended because we simply take our partner for granted. We see no need in expressing how we feel for each other or how much we love each other etc…

    Relationship is like growing plant, it needs lots of love, attention, care…. in addition for human relation are understanding and respect. It’s the openess. That’s what that is challenging.

    I guess when a relationship reach that leve, there is a very special connection and alot of things are left unsaid, yet they know. And is only at this stage, when you misses someone, that someone will call or send you an sms.

    LOVE is GOD’s GIFT

    Don’t hide, express it! That’s your right.
    You are not silly, you are just being honest to your feeling. You will be surprise that many can’t express that simply because of PRIDE!

    It’s a priviledge to be able to Love and to be Love.


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